Mainstream Entertainment and Objectification

Mainstream Entertainment and Objectification

Entertainment can be an insidious force. After showering the brain with sounds and images, it has the advantage of dealing with a relaxed mind that is at its most receptive to external stimuli, with most of its defenses lowered. entertainment is a highly efficient means of propagating stereotypes and ideologies.

How the Stock Market Drives Companies Insane

How the Stock Market Drives Companies Insane

Profit is the motivating force behind a company’s decisions. Following a natural tendency, the individuals that have teamed up to form a commercial entity share the desire for prosperity. This collaboration between individuals is similar to the association of more cells that constitute a multi-cellular organism.

Social Contribution<BR>Inequality

Social Contribution

There has been a lot of talk in the past decades about income inequality and for good reason. At the root of unfair reward systems lies a way of thinking that associates people with the immediate economic benefit that they bring to a group. This is poor long-term strategy especially in a post-scarcity society.

Subheim - Approach

Subheim – Howl

It takes a while for the gloomy droning to lead to any sort of melody, but it is this exact atmosphere building that dark electronica master Subheim excels at. Ghostly female voices lead the song into its foggy blossoming.

This is as much melody as it is an experiential shard of some distant, unfathomable Universe. I’m thankful for having shared the same lifetime with artists that have managed to translate the ineffable into sound.

Reddit Place - A Birth Of Art

A Birth of Art

More than a bit of time has passed since April Fools’ Day 2017, but this year there was at least one fantastic initiative that has to be remembered. Reddit launched an amazing 3 day experiment it called Place. You can see it and read all about it in this excellent article.

Stuff like this fills me with hope for the future of humanity. We’ve made it a long way and we sure can make it much further than this. What I see in Reddit’s Place is a snapshot of the Internet’s intellectual health, which I consider to be extremely important for our future. Things seem to be not as bad as I thought and this is wonderful.

The Birth of a Mother

The Birth of a Mother

I consider this article as a must read for all parents or parents-to-be. It’s short and to the point. Both men and women will find here information that few doctors talk about yet it is vital for a healthier family life.

I’ve long believed that the physiological and psychological changes that come with motherhood should be planned for accordingly, long before conception. The mother must have a supportive partner that understands a lot about what motherhood entails. Of course, it’s not impossible to ignore all this, but why not minimize the risks?

Digitonal - Beautiful Broken

Digitonal – Polestar

This song strikes a sublime balance between mood, diversity and calmness. There is just enough going on to make it a highly entertaining listen while in the same time keeping it a well within the threshold of something you can meditate on. This well-arranged combination of electronica and air instruments has brought to fruition a splendid mood-setter and journey song.

That Pepsi Commercial

That Pepsi Commercial

I am saddened by the fact that Pepsi took a noble message and a beautiful story only to ruin everything by having a script and implementation so utterly disrespectful towards minorities, women and social classes. Pepsi wants to say “we should look beyond social classes”, but instead highlights the ugly differences that exist between the privileged and the other 99%. The commercial is also a rather sad mix of cliché and kitsch.

Bottom line? It’s bad taste. Just like Pepsi and the rest of the canned sugar industry.

Baby Alpaca - Strictly Sexual

Baby Alpaca – Sea of Dreams (Turbotito Remix)

Baby Alpaca’s “Sea of Dreams” is a calm, beautiful song, which is why I linked it below as well. Turbotito’s remix is, however, more to this (dreamy) listener’s linking. The clever use of echo and resonance gives the song a different (dreamy) texture.

Both versions of the song are equally evocative and they share the same good (and dreamy) lyrics. They are both relying on lots of reverb to invoke the (dreamy) mood. It’s due to my love of electronica that I choose the remix version as title (and main feature) of this (dreamy) Weekly Song entry, even though you can find both (dreamy) songs here.