RoboMasters China

China’s Awesome Robotics Challenge

It’s called RoboMasters and it’s more important than it may seem. At first sight it could be classified as a nerdy game show. It is much, much more than that.

This has seriously impressed me. I’m seeing a fascinating amount of innovation and initiative arising from China in the past few years. The country is on the rise in a deeper, more meaningful way than in the “manufacturing powerhouse” decades.

All India Radio - Echo Other

All India Radio – Four Three

Dreamy yet action-packed, this song showcases a beautiful combination of instruments. Distorted percussion, guitars, violins, they all play their part in leading up to her voice. The way she’s introduced to the listener is beautiful and serves as a cornerstone for the entire composition. If it wasn’t for the few words she speaks, this would’ve been just a good rock song. Like this, it’s a colorful musical journey.