Mark Zuckerberg's "Building Global Community"

About Zuckerberg’s Global Community Vision

Two weeks ago Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of FaceBook, dropped what I consider to be an ideological bombshell on the tech industry and on business in general. It doesn’t even matter what the true intentions behind it are. It grabbed attention and dared to change – at least for a little while – the tune of the global business discourse.

Mark’s Global Community post is very well written and published at the ideal time to provide maximum PR value. I’m not surprised that some have even seen it as a sort of political statement.

Madonna - Ray Of Light

Madonna – Ray Of Light

Oldie but goldie is probably applicable to a song which is almost 20 years old. This is one of the jewels scattered through Madonna’s art. It’s highly danceable and full of positive energy. A lot of intricate beat construction went into this melody. It’s one of those songs that reward the attentive listener. The well written, descriptive lyrics, turn this piece into quite a ride.

Due to her commercial success, many have disregarded or labeled Madonna’s music. That’s a costly mistake to make, for as an artist, Madonna has evolved and changed considerably throughout the years. The “Bedtime Stories” and “Ray Of Light” albums seem to me to be among her most genuine and profound works. Especially on “Ray Of Light”, her voice seems to have reached a peak of… honesty, if you will.

How Pregnancy Changes the Brain

How Pregnancy Changes the Brain

Almost any woman withbaby can tell you that they feel that their mind works differently than before. I always attributed this to the fact that during fetal development, the brain has to adapt to an increased amount of work. It’s all the extra that comes from regulating the operation of all the additional bodily functions that are required by the development of a new human being. After birth, the brain has to adjust once again, dealing with the extremely complex social dynamics that are involved in having a new human being around in a group – and the larger the group, the more variables the brain will have to keep track of.

Kalya Scintilla - Listen To The Trees

Kalya Scintilla – Manzanita

Combining native-American flutes, mysterious whispers, various folk instruments and a staggering array of electronic sound textures, this is the sort of music that can be watched with eyes closed. It’s the sort of music that overwhelms the mind and taps imagination on the shoulder saying “it’s time to move”. Psybient titan Kalya Scintilla leads the way yet again.

Romania Takes on Corruption in the 21st Century

Romania Takes on Corruption in the 21st Century

Following the proposal and then adoption of a law that would have allowed corruption to thrive, on the 5th of February, 2017, the capital of Romania was the scene of the largest public protest since toppling the communist regime in 1989. The number of people participating in the capital alone was anywhere between 120,000 and 300,000, depending on who did the estimating. The protests spiraled to other cities in Romania as well as many cities around the world that host large Romanian diaspora communities. As a result, the law was repealed.

Here’s a beautiful video showing the scale of the protest as well as some wonderful moments that took place during the peaceful manifestation.

Eminem - Curtain Call

Eminem – Lose Yourself

Greek mythology gave us the concept of a muse^. Many artists refer to their muses. I find that often, art itself becomes the muse. This is where this song comes in. It’s one of the best hip hop songs of all time thanks to an excellent combination of great music, fiery singing and awesome writing all coming together to tell a touching story. Actually, in my book, this is one of the best songs of all time, period.

I think it’s hard not to be stimulated and pumped up by it. Sure, some people will simply block the message due to a certain dislike for the genre or the artist. But otherwise, this melody can be an energy source and consistent motivator whenever you may need it.



Wait wait wait. Before you start screaming “Whaaat!? An almost three hours long documentary about manufactured truth and propaganda through social media?!”, just watch this short, 1 minute extract from mentioned documentary.

Now, imagine that there are a lot more minutes like that in the documentary located at the link below. Also imagine that together, these seconds are more powerful than taken in individual extracts (think “interconnected brains math”: 1+1=3, 3+3=a million). Now feel free to go ahead and advance your awareness of the world.

Pendulum - Hold Your Color

Pendulum – Slam

With a fitting title, this track is a total dance-floor wrecker. There’s barely time to breathe while the song buzzes every muscle. It’s also somehow charged with an extreme amount of positive energy. Rumor has it necromancers use this melody to raise the dead. But these be happy zombies.

Make sure you don’t have the volume turned up too high ‘cause this one might spill the soup from your neighbor’s bowl (depending how beefy your speakers are). Another rumor has it that some construction companies use this to test structural stability in skyscrapers. They go in with a couple of custom subwoofers and if the walls don’t crack after playing this tune, then it’s a good building.

Tomas Dvorak - The Bottom

Tomas Dvorak – The Bottom

Music is play. While listening to such melodies, this simple fact can really be appreciated, commended and truly felt. It’s a wonderful composition, brimming with diversity. The creation is part of the soundtrack of awesome Machinarium (which I highly recommend, especially since the game and its soundtrack are in such amazing symbiosis). It’s lovely when a healthy dose of graphical inspiration brings artists to the point of creating such beautiful music.