Holding Space

What It Means to Be Holding Space for Someone

Many of us have problems dealing with friends who are dealing with grief or are acutely or chronically depressed. This wonderful article provides some seriously useful information on the topic.


I try to keep a rather neutral tone on the website, or at least try to be open ended about everything I write about. I am also aware that I may be wrong with everything I think about (ahem, ahem, elections USA 2016?^). But in this case, I’m going to seriously ask you to read the article I linked. Come on, you made it this far, go and some extract some invaluable information out of that text.

You don’t even have to read it word for word! It’s good enough if you read most of it. Enjoy! Oh, and if you ever want to thank me, share this post with somebody (couldn’t help it, sorry. Writers have to become popular if they want any sort of chance in life and besides, this is information worth sharing).

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