Creatures of the Plastic World

Creatures of the Plastic World

It’s quite well known by now that our oceans are slowly turning into a toxic stew of plastic with sauce of life-threatening industrial residues. I recently read about why birds are attracted to plastic residue:^

It’s actually quite similar to why fish tend to find plastic so yummy as well:^

Apparently, if we keep dumping our junk in the ocean at this rate, we’re well on track to have more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050:^

This reminds me of something the genius comedian George Carlin has said: “that’s why the Earth has created us. It wanted plastic for itself”. Here’s a full 9 minutes of George Carlin awesomeness (I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says, for example I think we could treat our environment with more care, for our own sake, but for the most part, he’s spot on!):^

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