Quantum Supersampling

Quantum Supersampling

It’s been quite some time since the last major breakthrough in computer graphics. For the past few decades, graphics quality has been steadily improving, but this has been mainly due advances in semiconductor technology and secondly due to software evolution. Little has changed when it comes to the way images can be efficiently rendered. Ray-tracing has been around for a while but it is too computationally-intensive to match rasterisation.

At long last, an evolutionary leap might soon be upon us thanks to quantum computing. There are myriad applications for this emerging branch of technology, but one of the most interesting I’ve learned about lately is this fascinating proposal called quantum super-sampling. It’s a process combining ray-tracing with quantum computation. Here’s a (long) video presentation describing the process, by the author himself.

Those Who Ride With Giants - The Mountain Seed

Those Who Ride With Giants – The Mountain Seed

This song falls firmly into the “musical journey” category. It builds up rather quickly and then takes the listener on a calm and dreamy ride. An echoed guitar rows us along towards another guitar that plays the role of the charming siren. Close your eyes and get lost at sea.

I would have thought this to be a journey song even if it wasn’t for the official video, which I must highly recommend. It’s a simple, touching and sincere story if I ever saw one.

Mentatul 2.0

About the Recent Changes on Mentatul

How time flies. It’s been almost a year and a half since I launched Mentatul. So far, this proved itself to be a very beautiful adventure. The website started as a source for objective analysis of important contemporary issues combined with an assortment of subjective musings on art topics (so far, only music). Soon, I added the Recommendations category, where I share with readers various interesting or inspiring links that I stumble upon during my online journey.

However, like any long-term writing commitment, the project evolved. My urge for writing kept seeking new ways through which to express itself. About 9 months after the launch, in September 2016, I wrote the first satire article. Afterwards, in November I added two new categories based on real life adventures that I was fortunate to experience. I began 2017 by adding two more categories. Here’s a short description of all these recent changes.