Government 2.0

Government 2.0

Fake news, profiling & converting voters using social media, rigged elections, media cartels owned by those in power (or that would lie to get the power), demagogy… the list can go on and on. Democracy today means that those that lie best or have plenty of money, get to steer our society. Actually, it has been so since a long, long time ago. But we now have the opportunity to set democracy free, if we make the right use of the technology at our disposal.

The Internet has seen better times. It was and still is a gateway to knowledge. The problem is that the information found on the Internet is often far from accurate; sometimes it’s horrendously false. From a highway to enlightenment, it has become a stormy ocean where one’s mind can be forever lost.

Fortunately, the Internet as a platform is still extremely powerful. We know it has some problems, but people all around the world are working to improve things. Along with newly emerging technologies, the Internet can still be our ladder towards the next stage of social evolution.

Autechre - Tri Repetae

Autechre – Eutow

Don’t be deceived by the soft, airy beginnings of this song. A monolithic, dark-shining bass line will soon emerge. Assisted by rather traditional percussion, the deep, sweeping bass line is subjected to an array of risky acrobatics that are a pleasure to behold.

The song comes from Tri Repetae++, one of Autechre’s most critically acclaimed albums. The band’s beginnings are filled with such electronica gems (Amber is another excellent LP and so are the Garbage, Anti and Anvil Vapre EPs).