Filastine - Loot

Filastine – Hypnotico

Filastine is one of those artists whose music belongs to so many genres that it’s difficult to describe. There’s some loud & clear dubstep movements going on here, but it’s all interspersed with a blend of masterful sampling, atmospheric texturing and even international/world-music influences. What matters is that at the end, we have a wicked, groovy creation; the Universe coming at us in a menacing yet playful way. Now do the hypnodance!

In the USA, Murdering Journalists is now considered a funny topic.

Walmart Pulls T-Shirts Advocating Murder of Journalists

In a surprising move, major American retailer Walmart actually decided to remove from its inventory t-shirts that advocated killing journalists. /sarcasm

The USA has gone completely astray.

By “completely”, I mean the outcome of an election. When a democratic country elects to pursue a certain course, then it is a complete commitment. Yes, there may be opposition, but the overall direction has been set – and in the case of the US of A, I believe that the direction is astray.

By “astray”, I mean that while most of society (world-wide) considers murder to be wrong, the USA has managed to devalue life in such a way that murder can be commercialized with incredibly little public backlash. I believe that the lack of a major social response against the retailers, users and companies that produce such merchandise is due to Americans having been desensitized to violence.

Moby - Hotel

Moby – I Like It

The dance of airwaves inside our ears is one of the joys of being sensorial creatures. And this one is as sensual as songs can get. Wrap yourself in the passionate whispers of this mysterious duet. Let the suggestive guitars and synths drag you inside a den of audio pleasure.

It was very tempting to start with “I liked it, I liked it a lot”, but I think this is a better place for the predictable line.

Tesla Australia

Solar Victory

Solar-power uptake has been doing very well recently due to falling costs in producing it. In any contest, there are events that can seal the victory. In the energy contest between fossil and renewable, I believe that Tesla has won a major battle. And it all happens in the country that is the world’s top exporter of the dirtiest fossil fuel (Australia, coal).

Jens Buchert - Best Of

Jens Buchert – The Vortex

Prepare to sink in, to take off, to slow down towards a climax speeding straight at your heart. The molten rock core vibe carries an angel’s voice. Wavy planes of sound spiral around the thumping bass pillar while playful happenings wander here and there. The storm of butterflies dances to the magical flutes. Shine your consciousness within this vibrating cathedral.

It’s one of those songs that made me contact the artist and thank him for creating such music; a short celebration of life, of thankfulness towards being able to perceive and appreciate art. And a winner of my Song of the Year prize!


From Minecraft to Crippling the Internet

Minecraft is innocent enough, right? Many tales of wicked deeds sometimes have an unlikely, harmless beginning. Here is one such tale.

Even though it’s about something that happened way back in 2016 (a cyberattack on the DNS network that crippled the Internet for a majority of users in North America), this well-written cyberwar article is totally worth sharing in light of recent privacy and security scandals.

Mike Love - The Change I'm Seeking

Mike Love – Permanent Holiday

It’s amazingly sad that such music and such lyrics hardly make an impact on the hyper-consumerist society. This song speaks lengths about our world (especially for those in the Western and Anglo-Saxon sphere of influence). You can read the lyrics below but as another singer has said: “you don’t need eyes to see, you need vision” (Faithless).

Regardless of the message, this is a fun song to listen to. It’s diverse, both vocally and instrumentally. It’s full of intent and positive energy. It’s a good soundtrack for the first minutes of the holiday or for a gloomy day at work.

Norway, Oygardstolen

Lysefjord, Norway – Rock, Water and Amazed Travelers

From this high up, the sea is a silky blue, flat surface. I stand on the edge of the abyss. A soft, frigid wind reminds me that the panorama below is, in fact, dangerously close. But what brings out the adrenaline most is the sound of water crashing down the rockface, with no clearly discernible sound of it ever reaching a destination. Directly underneath me, almost a kilometer away, I see the southern shore of Lysefjord. Across the gray sand, scattered wet rocks await the eventual arrival of yet more chunks belonging to the same cliff I’m standing on. I just hope it doesn’t decide to crack now…

I woke up at 4:30, shortly after sunrise, eager to take full advantage of the sunny start of the day, which came as a good omen after two days of almost non-stop rain. My wife Crina and me were in Valle, a small village where we had decided to pause our exploration of Norway on account of the bad weather. We hit the road at 5:30, with the destination Øygardstølen, a parking, restaurant and tourist information center. From there, our intention was to climb the Kjerag mountain. We wanted to see, and stand upon the famous Kjeragbolten, a 5-cubic-meter boulder wedged in the mountain’s crevasse.

Eagles Won't Save Us

No, Eagles Won’t Save Us from Drones

Here’s the latest about the unethical involvement of animals in the puerile affairs of Homo sapiens. France is training eagles to attack terrorist drones. The idea of training animals for the purpose of taking out enemy military hardware isn’t new. Military dolphins were around since last century. At least there are some arguably ethical uses for dolphins, such as finding people lost at sea. France seems to think that the eye-sight of eagles is perfect for spotting and taking out “terrorist robots”.

This will only lead to “the terrorists” creating more dangerous drones (perhaps those that can shoot back), or simply to make them look different. I’m guessing humans can outsmart eagles in camouflage. Even if a nation-state manages to deploy “eagle squads” in every major city, available 24/7, it is still unlikely that much can be done against a well-organized drone attack.