Clawfinger - Zeros And Heroes

Clawfinger – 15 Minutes Of Fame

These lyrics are sharper than a scalpel, angrier than a crazed rabid mob and loaded with infinite despise. And what better way to accompany this punch in the face of corporate and political kiss-asses then with a couple of merciless guitar and some creepy synths?

Yeah, this one goes to you, those that chose the dirtiest ways to adapt: lies, manipulation and all the other kinds of spineless trickery. Get an earful of this, jelly-people, and who knows, maybe you wake up and stop sabotaging your and others’ growth.

Privacy Desensitization

Privacy Desensitization Through Nuisance

Mentatul Monthly Focus
August 2019 Edition
– Spamming privacy into numbness –

While surfing the web, did you perhaps, just by chance, come across popup messages and notifications? Doesn’t it seem like there’s more of those with every passing year? Have you been assaulted by updated “terms and conditions” statements from the plethora of services you use?
Notifications about cookies abound. The GDPR “spam” is wreaking havoc. At least in the EU, surfing is becoming increasingly annoying. The first access on almost any given site leads to at least two popups, and perhaps a third one about allowing the site to give notifications, or a fourth about social media interactions, or a fifth about sharing location… the list goes on and on.

This article focuses on the following 6 “main sources” of privacy-related notification spam:

1. The EULA (End User License Agreement)
2. Cookies
4. Ad blockers
5. Social media-related notifications
6. Websites forcing users to install native apps

Delerium - Semantic Spaces

Delerium – Metamorphosis (feat. Kristy Thirsk)

A veil of sparkling chimes unfolds. Underneath, a majestic colored butterfly unfolds its wings, mystic chants accompanying its rise. What colors does the butterfly have?
Sound transforms. It metamorphosizes itself and those that perceive it.
Sound is magic. It does unexplainable things for unexplainable reasons.
Sound is life. Vibration is creation.
Sound is neither good or bad. It is only when sound meets perception when such conclusions are drawn.
Sound inspires. These words were guided into existence by pulsating percussion, sweeping synths, and strange, crispy textures.

Radioactive Sandwich - Mirrage

Radioactive Sandwich – An Echo Is The Shadow Of A Sound

Starting with the name, this is one special song. Warning: superlatives ahead.

The melody’s 11 minutes are bountiful, full of instruments and sounds perfectly picked for creating an atmosphere of mystery, even divine. And it’s all layered in a supremely masterful way. That oppressive bass line… that redeeming choir…

The dance of sound shadows is here to entertain and hypnotize, to amaze and to relax. Art like this makes me immensely thankful to live in a day and age when technology has exploded the instrumental repertoire to such a degree.