Zendri Antibiotic - Big Pharma

Troubles with Antibiotics

Mentatul Monthly Focus
October 2019 Edition
– Antibiotics –

The antibiotics industry is going through rough times. Big Pharma is heavily polluting Asia, where India and China are the main producers of the world’s most commonly used drugs.
But it’s even worse when companies give up researching new antibiotics because these sort of medicine doesn’t give enough profit.

Apollo 440 - Gettin High On Your Own Supply

Apollo 440 – The Machine In The Ghost

A piano, a trumpet, a guitar and a synthesizer walk into a bar. And then everything begins to swirl…

We have this concept of the “ghost in the machine”. But what if at the heart of the ghost there is a machine? With its mysterious textures, this song explores the concept, making use of samples and playing with unexpected sounds. Beware this one. It may throw your mind off balance without a moment’s notice.

Apotheist - Salvation

Apotheist – Salvation

Some songs just want to rip subwoofers apart. They want to shake walls, drive neighbors nuts and rearrange the listener’s innards. This tight-rhythmed bass-feast works in headphones too, but one day make sure you let it tear through some thousand watts equipment!

It may be tempting to say it’s repetitive, but there’s some clever construction here. The main theme only serves to emphasize changes of tone and breaks in the rhythm. Listen carefully and, for heaven’s sake, move your body! Dubstep at its best!

Bobby McFerinn - Simple Pleasures

Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry Be Happy

This is the sound of history. The sound of wisdom touching society and transforming swathes of it. It’s a song that touched billions of souls and will continue to echo throughout history as one of the pearls of the 21st century or even the 2nd millennium. Yes, it’s that large. And what’s even more mind-blowing is that Bobby hasn’t used a single instrument other than his body to produce this masterpiece. Now go and listen to it a hundred times and continue to be amazed at finding something new every time and let this wisdom permeate every atom of your body.