Mentatul brings you fully involved analysis of popular and essential topics with a side dish of opinion-style writings on art. It’s a place where you will often find that respect is being given to all sides of a bitter argument. This is a completely independent publication with no bias whatsoever towards any social group.

My name is Axonn Echysttas and I’m a writer and software developer, with a strong interest in the evolution of our society, science and technology. Sometimes, I co-write with fellow travelers from all walks of life.

My purpose is to entertain and, hopefully, to bring you useful information and encourage you to seek out more. When you find interesting or important facts, I would be grateful if you share these with me and all those that read these pages.

Mentatul is also my outlet for recommending and promoting art. This is what the opinion-style writing that I mentioned earlier consists of. My art interests are mainly focused on music, games, literature and movies – in that order of priority.

There is a focus on quality writing on Mentatul, meaning that I do my best to keep all compositions free of mistakes and pleasant to read. I also try to keep my entries below a thousand words, with the purpose of delivering information in an easy to read format.

When I started this project, in January 2016, I wrote three entries which outline the pillars of my craft. These are worth a read if you wish to know more about me and the purpose of this website.

“Why Am I Writing?”^, which details my motivations.
“Mission Statement”^, which details my purposes.
“Micro Biography”^, which covers the essential history that brought me here.

In the weeks that followed, I wrote another three entries of importance. There, I am addressing fundamental matters regarding writing style and publishing strategy, with an emphasis on how they are applied to this project.

“Opinion or Analysis”^, which details two very different writing styles.
“Perfectionism: Curse or Blessing?”^, which covers a thorny problem that many artists face.
“Dealing With Criticism”^, which addresses the complex task of integrating feedback.

Last but not least, in case you’re curious about the name of this project, I explained it in this entry that I wrote for the website’s one month anniversary.

“What Does Mentatul Mean?”^

Through these compositions, I hope that I managed to make the purpose, trajectory and strategy of abundantly clear. If there’s anything else that you’d wish to know, don’t hesitate to contact me^.

Thank you for reading this and enjoy your stay here!