Why Am I Here?

Why Am I Here?

There are many big questions in life. For me, this is one of the most important ones. I don’t need anybody or anything to give me an answer for it. Paradoxically, I think one of the reasons we’re here is to come up with these answers ourselves. We find our own reasons to be here. We’re the architects of our own lives.

So why am I here? My answer is quite simple and is also a sort of “new year’s resolution”.

Mentatul 2.0

About the Recent Changes on Mentatul

How time flies. It’s been almost a year and a half since I launched Mentatul. So far, this proved itself to be a very beautiful adventure. The website started as a source for objective analysis of important contemporary issues combined with an assortment of subjective musings on art topics (so far, only music). Soon, I added the Recommendations category, where I share with readers various interesting or inspiring links that I stumble upon during my online journey.

However, like any long-term writing commitment, the project evolved. My urge for writing kept seeking new ways through which to express itself. About 9 months after the launch, in September 2016, I wrote the first satire article. Afterwards, in November I added two new categories based on real life adventures that I was fortunate to experience. I began 2017 by adding two more categories. Here’s a short description of all these recent changes.

Season's Greetings

Season’s Greetings

A lot of people are celebrating Christmas these days. Even more are just enjoying an extended weekend. And even more people are happy to be alive. Even more are… simply alive.

I wish you beautiful days, regardless of what you’re celebrating or doing :). Have lovely times with the family, friends, have fun, play games, do nothing, sleep, take a walk on the wild side :D. I think the only thing that really matters is that you love. Love what you do, love what you have around you, love who you are. And if things are difficult (as sometimes they can be) and the feeling of love isn’t easy to come by, well then I have some for you, in the form of thankfulness:

Thank you for being here! Thank you for shining the light of your consciousness upon these words. Every single person shines a different light, but all these different, unique colors are still part of the rainbow of love :).

What Does Mentatul Mean?

What Does “Mentatul” Mean?

The word “mentat” was invented by Frank Herbert and prominently used in his Dune series. The “ul” suffix in this website’s name is the Romanian definite article, added because that is my country of origin. However, I am not “the mentat”, even though my project is named that way.

Instead, the name of this website pays homage to the concept of a mentat. It is an aspiration of mine. Mentats have always inspired me. When I write analytical works, I am trying to interpret information in the same way I imagine a mentat would.

Micro Biography

Micro Biography

A person is a perpetually changing collection of life experiences playing upon a genetic tapestry. Rather than struggling to explain or define who I am, I’ll try to offer a bit of insight regarding how I came to write these words. There are two reasons why I wish to share this information.

First, I feel that by enumerating some of the major events that have shaped my life, I’m encouraging a personal connection with you. Secondly, my past is a factor in choosing the topics I write about.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Art needs no purpose. Yet, the project that I am launching now is a joining between artistic endeavor and a wide range of intent. If I were to choose a single word that should define Mentatul’s trajectory, that word would be “change”.

Before my adventure starts though, I would like to set out some guidelines for performing my craft. These will become the beacons for everything that I shall publish and I will strive to follow the route that I envision.

Why Am I Writing?

Why Am I Writing?

Today, I am setting off on a beautiful journey. I’ve been preparing myself for this adventure ever since I was a child. Now, it is finally time to untie the ropes of my sky-ship and rise into the unknown.

But before I take this most important step in my career as a writer, I would like to take some time and reflect upon what I consider to be the three pillars of my craft: motivation, purpose and history. In other words: why am I writing, what do I wish to achieve through my art and what are those aspects of my history that brought these words in front of your eyes.