Wardruna - Runaljod - Gap Var Ginnunga

Wardruna – Dagr

Receive this powerful invocation from deep within the heart of Mother Nature. It was carried through lungs that breathe its air. It was beat into eternity from ritualistic drums and instruments. It was blessed with choirs that cleanse everything their life-giving vibration touches.

Celebrate the dance of night and day.

Way Out West - Don't Look Now

Way Out West – Killa

In spite of what the gentle first minute might indicate, don’t expect an easy ride here. This song is killing it – it’s an all-out assault on all frequencies, with an emphasis on the bass. It takes a while until take-off, but that’s how you roll when you want to bust the 10-minute “psychological threshold”: you take your time mixing everything in and you heat it slowly so that the listener doesn’t realize their eardrums are boiling.

Moonspell - Irreligious

Moonspell – Full Moon Madness

Here’s a dark waltz of enthralling beauty, heavier than a black hole and brighter than the full moon. It’s mad, it’s angry, but so is life sometimes. Here’s to contrast!

Sung in two languages (Portuguese and English) this harks from one of Moonspell’s oldest albums. The band released many more in the 22 years that followed and I’m happy to say that the signs of an illustrious career were undeniable even since 1996.

Foals - Holy Fire

Foals – Inhaler

The magma struggles to get out, get away, no way out, not fast enough, there’s not enough space, no space and then… it rips through the entire damn sound system! This volcanic song brings us claustrophobic buildups and all the fireworks deserved for going through with it all. Special credit goes for whoever mixed and produced the song, they did a really good job framing the vocals with just the right amount of suffocating materials.

Oh, and the video is quite a piece of work too, highly recommended!

Hybrid - Disappear Here

Hybrid – Salt

Thirsty for your imagination, a whirlwind of percussion and crispy sound textures brings her voice from the cusp of an ocean storm. Listen carefully and get lost deep within the intricacies of a world-class electronic orchestra. And don’t feel too bad when it drops you out just when you want more.

The Prodigy - The Fat Of The Land

The Prodigy – Narayan

With its stellar opening and hypnotic buildup spanning more than a minute, Narayan makes a statement: this song will endure. And it has. 20 years later, this massive creation hasn’t lost any bit of its originality.

It’s a lengthy tune, to be sure, but there are several movements at play that will keep the listener entertained throughout. This song is a must for any respectable music collection and, in fact, a distinguished artifact of human musical history.