E-Mantra - Silence

E-Mantra – Ecouri

This is when the ineffable comes on as sound, as echoes from an abyss where technology has finally fused with spirituality in a mystic dance that cannot yet be imagined. Sometimes an artist manages to travel back in time, reaching that future from where little can be brought back other than these snaking synths, creeping choirs, monolithic bass lines and the lost electronic voices of ascending civilizations.

MIKTEK - Elsewhere

MIKTEK – False Dawn

Slow down, lay back and close your eyes. Let yourself be moved by the soft yet willful vibrations brought to you by the beautiful composition of Greek mastermind, MIKTEK. This is for those evenings spent sunken in a comfy couch or armchair, eardrums spellbound by the caress of musical magic.

You can listen to the melody for free, in good quality, on BandCamp, which is one of the best websites when it comes to supporting artists. You can also purchase the song (or album) from this same location. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I did purchase MIKTEK’s album :).

Dead Can Dance - Labyrinth

Dead Can Dance – Spirit

Even before giving the lyrics a thought, this song felt like a statement of some sort. A constant and solemn bass finds an equal partner in the subdued percussion. Then, luminous chords accompany Brendan’s evocative voice while delivering his homage to life.

This is what I consider a well-written song. It’s a space where both music and lyrics accompany each other in perfect harmony. That is not to say that songs without lyrics have it easier: they must accompany music with… other music.

Hybrid - I Choose Noise

Hybrid – Dream Stalker

You close your eyes, you fall asleep. There, where your awareness flicks out, they await… the Dream Stalkers. Inquisitive beings roaming the echoes of our consciousness, prodding, analyzing, recording, riding through the synapses.

Oh, how they enjoy the chaotic festival of our dreams; surreal emotions, exotic adventures and delicious madness. They feast off the imagination engine that is our mind.This is their song – a ruthless mechanical march punctuated with ghostly interventions. And yet, this is an atmospheric piece, otherwise I couldn’t have summoned the words above.

Zero Cult - Closer Than Ever

Zero Cult – Penetration

Flow rather than dance, soar rather than fly, live rather than listen. Follow the mystic chants inviting your imagination for a dance through nourishing beauty. It may be dark and overwhelming at times, but no story is without contrast. And when that gateway opens and shines its vibration through your every fiber, you know you’re on the right frequency.

This ritualistic, hypnotic dance could impress 37-dimensional alien priests. It powers through the multiverse with bursts of lower vibrations and then begs entrance to the Quantum Cathedral of Everything and Everytime by beaming her voice through every consciousness that ever truly understood its innocence.


Clawfinger – Two Sides

One day, this song will be reviewed outside the unfortunate social context from which it emerged, a social context where it really had very little chance of earning the accolades it deserved. That’s because this rallying call against organized religion was, is, and will continue to be for some time, a dangerous song.

And when that day comes, this song will win prizes. A great many of them. A prize (and the most important one), for lyrics that don’t miss a single syllable. It’s just one unrelenting, harmonious but unforgiving stream of rhymes. Another prize for diverse orchestration and the way spoken word, heavy riffing and a redeeming choir are fused together in a celebration for freedom and intellectual evolution. And another bunch of prizes for the band releasing this as early as they did, for touring it and for doing what they could to wake their peers up.

KoRn - Issues

KoRn – Falling Away From Me

Angst and frustration sometimes need channeling. This is where such a song comes in, opening a gateway to a realm where such energies can not only live, but thrive and flourish into devastating beauty. There are no “wrong” feelings, and beauty can arise from any feeling.

KoRn have masterfully created a niche for themselves, one they continue to dominate even now, 25 years away after the release of their first album.

Agnes Obel - Aventine

Agnes Obel – Fuel To Fire (David Lynch Remix)

Some songs are only about music. Some others are only about words. Some are about atmosphere. There is no right or wrong. And even though this melody shines particularly through its atmosphere & lyrics, listen carefully and discover the mastery of faking monotony.And yes, this is the David Lynch. He sure did a good number on this one! The original song is pretty good as well (which should go without saying if David Lynch decided to touch it – and no, I’m not one of his fans, it’s just semi-objective reality [that’s another word for statistical reality]).