Mosh - Monarchy

Mosh – McQueen

What a delicious, murderous beat(ing) this song delivers. It plows right through from start to finish. There isn’t much that can resist the tenacity of the buzz-saw synths that leap at us from all sides.

Perhaps if I hadn’t seen the video for the song I wouldn’t have described it as “murderous”. The twisted creation is inspired by an urban legend about “The Cleaner”, a guy who is called to dispose of evidence. It’s a video I can’t really recommend watching.

Faithless Sunday 8 PM

Faithless – God Is A DJ

Few artists have managed to combine dance music with intelligent, challenging writing. This song is almost twenty years old but there’s nary a wrinkle on it. Good music doesn’t age with time, it gets better. This is a melody that evolves and offers a great deal of diversity. It’s not only an instrumental fea(s)t, but also a statement for the creative, transformative power of art.


Alexander – Truth

It may start careless and airy, but this isn’t a happy travel song or a Sunday family gathering tune. Listen carefully to what’s being said. Get down into it and enjoy the depth and range of the message. The music is rich. It flows and transforms gently, leaving plenty of room for a wide array of singing styles to grace our ears. Indeed, this melody is quite the feast when it comes to vocals.

Enigma Le Roi Est Mort Vive Le Roi

Enigma – TNT For The Brain (Night Girl Remix)

This song’s first 30 seconds are among the most beautiful beginnings for a mental journey I know of. It’s almost like it’s begging the listener to close their eyes and begin the trip. There are some very solid rhythms here and beware the wild guitar on the prowl.

The female element is present in all its mysterious sensuality, perhaps a bit over the top at times (although if the song is perceived through a mystical veil, this becomes a boon). Let your mind float on the echoes of Enigma.

Fatboy Slim - You've Come A Long Way Baby

Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now

The staircase leads higher and higher. Lights begin to circle everywhere around. And then the voice kicks in and brings us straight into the party. Like many of Norman’s songs, this one makes extensive use of sampling. There’s a beautiful contrast between the melody’s soft, meandering foundation and the intense percussion and vocal samples. 1998 is right here, right now again and it’s awesome.

Devin Townsend - Ocean Machine

Devin Townsend – Funeral

A soft guitar leads the way into this cozy yet challenging refuge for the mind. Yes, at times this song feels like a shelter. At other times, the shelter is blown away and we’re left experiencing the storm in its unfolding furious beauty. The composition is diverse and the melody goes through several transformations during the song’s 8 minutes, always managing to keep the ear busy and satisfied.

Hocico - El Dia De La Ira

Hocico – Beings Of Relief (Instrumental)

Aliens came to Earth some years ago, descended upon Mexico City and, together with two talented musicians, created this little trip for us. It’s true! This is exactly the sort of music aliens are listening to when they sledge it around the galaxy in their party cruiser – mysterious spacey synths, excellent percussion and the all-conquering God-drum. This is a solid thumper that (in my not so humble opinion) shouldn’t be missing from any decent electronica collection.