Black Sun Empire - Driving Insane

Black Sun Empire – The Rat (Kemal Remix)

It cuts and claws its way onto the dance floor in a steady march, driven by typical drum’n’bass percussion. It’s all anchored in a dark bass line as is expected of this genre. But besides the familiar ingredients, the song is laced with crispy textures and even airy soundscapes that enhance the contrast with the dark mechanical rodent.

Black Sun Empire’s “Driving Insane” album is full of such high-energy surprises. It’s the band’s first album but also one of their finest – a must-listen, start to finish. Of course, for this song the credit also goes to Kemal for creating this awesome remix of an already great track.

Dub Fx - Everythinks A Ripple

Dub Fx – Love Someone

As much as I could possibly love the music here, the lyrics will always outshine it. And that’s saying quite a bit, because the music is excellent. This song spoils the listener with a feast of thumping percussion and sweeping, deep sound curtains. But the message is wise, powerful and important. You’ll need more than open ears to truly enjoy this sound. You’ll need an open mind.

Dub FX is an expert in creating electronica / drum’n’bass music using verbal sound effects. The video version of this song (which I’ve linked below) is made purely with verbal sound effects. The other versions feature a combination of verbal sound effects and synthetized textures. Both versions are amazing.

Black Sun Empire - Driving Insane

Black Sun Empire – Arrakis

Building demolition manual. Step 1: install beefy subwoofers around building to be demolished then, garnish everything with yet more powerful speakers. Step 2: play this song and wait until the 2:12 mark. After that, it’ll take, oh, maybe eight seconds for the building to turn into fine particulates.

Seriously though, this song’s bass is nasty. When I first heard this, it was not only love at first listen, but also jaw drop at first listen. Years later, I’m still amazed by just how much kick this thing has.

Pendulum - Hold Your Color

Pendulum – Slam

With a fitting title, this track is a total dance-floor wrecker. There’s barely time to breathe while the song buzzes every muscle. It’s also somehow charged with an extreme amount of positive energy. Rumor has it necromancers use this melody to raise the dead. But these be happy zombies.

Make sure you don’t have the volume turned up too high ‘cause this one might spill the soup from your neighbor’s bowl (depending how beefy your speakers are). Another rumor has it that some construction companies use this to test structural stability in skyscrapers. They go in with a couple of custom subwoofers and if the walls don’t crack after playing this tune, then it’s a good building.