Landscape of Love

Lulu Rouge – Landscape of Love (feat. Fanney Osk)

Oh, my Music, I’m fascinated by you. Sometimes you blow my mind. This song is like a steady, patient wind that will either freeze or melt anything in its path, depending how you choose to feel it. The flawless punctuation will make sure that whatever path you take will turn into a memorable adventure. Just hit play and you’ll understand what I mean by “punctuation”.

I always had a soft spot for minimal electronica. This melody hit me straight in the headheart. In the seven months that have passed since I discovered this tune, it has not yet been dethroned as “song of 2017” and I’m “losing hope” that I’ll come across anything better. But paradoxically, I also hope I won’t.

Digitonal - Beautiful Broken

Digitonal – Polestar

This song strikes a sublime balance between mood, diversity and calmness. There is just enough going on to make it a highly entertaining listen while in the same time keeping it a well within the threshold of something you can meditate on. This well-arranged combination of electronica and air instruments has brought to fruition a splendid mood-setter and journey song.

Suie Paparude - Atac La Persoane

Şuie Paparude – Marajkee

A guitar passed through several filters joins forces with sweeping electronic textures, setting the mood before the monolithic beat arrives. Echoing and contrasting the tribal-industrial feel of the rhythm is an airy female voice sample, cleverly intertwined with the electronic arrangement. A beautiful mood-setter by one of the best electronica bands hailing from Romania.

Argaman - Living in a Bubble

Argaman – Life In The Pocket (Day)

You can’t play this song. It plays you. If you let it, it’ll stretch your mind far towards funkyland and load it up with a sphere of crazyjoy. Then, the intellectual bow will be fired and the ball of crazyjoy will be shot back into our reality with a noisy twang. It will reach Earth at full power, trumpeting and tip-toeing its chaotic-yet-charming dance, changing tempo, keeping the ear guessing at what’s going to play its drum next.

Crystal Method - Legion of Boom

The Crystal Method – Wide Open

It’s one of The Crystal Method’s most lyrically-inspired songs. It’s also one of the more mellow ones – this tune is not as danceable as some of the band’s other creations. Instead, they wisely opted for crafting an intricate arrangement of atmosphere-enhancing sound textures. These are the perfect accompaniment for Hanifah Walidah’s voice, as it punctuates the flowy instrumentals with lyrical surgical strikes.

This is one of those times when a lot can be communicated through not so many words. Two of the song’s verses in particular have impressed me: Open like a child’s mind? / But then you start talkin’. I interpreted this as “a child’s mind is open until it starts talking”. Food for thought: just how much is language restricting the mind’s full and total openness? Isn’t language to the mind what the lines on millimeter paper are to a virgin canvas?

Essence Of The Forest

Deep Forest – Will You Be Ready

Deep Forest is known for its interesting blend of electronic music and folk elements from around the world. This song, however, is a departure of sorts from the usual ethnic electronica. There’s a rock feel to it, but only enough to make it stand out.

To be sure, Deep Forest has been true to its style and the melody takes the listener through a fascinating array of interwoven arrangements. Through it all shines her beautiful voice, imparting mysterious words, challenging the mind.

Tomas Dvorak - The Bottom

Tomas Dvorak – The Bottom

Music is play. While listening to such melodies, this simple fact can really be appreciated, commended and truly felt. It’s a wonderful composition, brimming with diversity. The creation is part of the soundtrack of awesome Machinarium (which I highly recommend, especially since the game and its soundtrack are in such amazing symbiosis). It’s lovely when a healthy dose of graphical inspiration brings artists to the point of creating such beautiful music.

Alex Smoke - Incommunicado

Alex Smoke – 6am

Here’s some flowing, groovy electronica to put some spring into any late evening, work assignment or workout. Alex Smoke wastes no time during these 6 minutes of solid musical craftsmanship. The simple acoustic guitar that shows up and intertwines with the rhythm really adds to the melody. What more can be said? Nothing more needs to be said. Just sit back and enjoy the vibration.

Digitonal - Beautiful Broken

Digitonal – Anaethmatics

Playfulness is this melody. It tip-toes around our ears, unfolding its airy rhythms and, after a minute or so, it starts its joyful dance. Like any good play, it doesn’t overstay its welcome – it just grabs attention and leaves its echo in our memory. The song comes from the album “Beautiful Broken”. I can certainly testify towards the beauty of the composition. Don’t know about the “broken” part.