Zero Cult - Closer Than Ever

Zero Cult – Penetration

Flow rather than dance, soar rather than fly, live rather than listen. Follow the mystic chants inviting your imagination for a dance through nourishing beauty. It may be dark and overwhelming at times, but no story is without contrast. And when that gateway opens and shines its vibration through your every fiber, you know you’re on the right frequency.

This ritualistic, hypnotic dance could impress 37-dimensional alien priests. It powers through the multiverse with bursts of lower vibrations and then begs entrance to the Quantum Cathedral of Everything and Everytime by beaming her voice through every consciousness that ever truly understood its innocence.

Ayla Nereo - Hollow Bone Remixes

Ayla Nereo – Bonteka (Kalya Scintilla Remix)

Psybient is a Journey Genre. This means that most psybient songs are Transporters. Where (and when) they Transport you is mostly up to your own imagination and experience. This song has all the hallmarks of an excellent Transporter: incantations, choirs, a wide array of playful instruments, multiple sound planes, a diverse, inspired orchestration and, of course, awesome rhythms and bass.

Solar Fields - Origin 2

Solar Fields – Mystic Science

Now here’s a trip if there ever was one! This baby will take you away, far away and then even further away and when you think it’s done, it’ll take you another couple of Universes away and just when you thought you landed, it’s gonna take flight again and drag you another dozen Universes in X directions at once, where X is the number of multiverse dimensions you’re in, factorial!

Musically, what we have here is a steady and unstoppable flowing song of devious construction. Layers upon layers of deep, suggestive sounds are quietly shifting into existence. I’ve measured the song with my Spirit Buoyancy Meter and it scored a juicy 83 kiloquantiverses. Not bad, not bad at all!

Jens Buchert - Best Of

Jens Buchert – The Vortex

Prepare to sink in, to take off, to slow down towards a climax speeding straight at your heart. The molten rock core vibe carries an angel’s voice. Wavy planes of sound spiral around the thumping bass pillar while playful happenings wander here and there. The storm of butterflies dances to the magical flutes. Shine your consciousness within this vibrating cathedral.

It’s one of those songs that made me contact the artist and thank him for creating such music; a short celebration of life, of thankfulness towards being able to perceive and appreciate art. And a winner of my Song of the Year prize!