The Polish Ambassador - Ecozoic

The Polish Ambassador – Live Inside A Dream (feat. Ayla Nereo)

It starts airy and carefree but the melody doesn’t waste a second to make it clear that despite Ayla’s soothing voice, this is still a groovy electronica song. Call it psybient, call it tribal electronica, call it whatever you want, this is one solid creation.

Like all songs from The Polish Ambassador’s “Ecozoic” album, this one ends with an outro that is in the same time fitting and seems like it’s coming from another story. “Ecozoic” is a massive album that is filled to the brim with all manner of sound experiments.

Carbon Based Lifeforms - World Of Sleepers

Carbon Based Lifeforms – Abiogenesis

It starts slowly enough, with gentle breezy sounds and airy choirs. But do mistake this one for a post-party chill-out tune. Pumping up the volume too much based solely on the first minute might cause problems. That’s because before it reaches halfway through, the melody has built up enough energy to wake up the neighbors (or engage in some serious headphone stress-testing).

Through a beautifully executed buildup, this song becomes a well-rounded journey. The music soars to unexpected heights showcasing sounds with a strong cyclical character. I haven’t often seen a transition from ambient to psybient executed in such a harmonious and fruitful way.

Temple Step Project - Embrace The One

Desert Dwellers – New Generation (feat. Darpan – Temple Step Project Remix)

Time for a hopeful look towards tomorrow. Desert Dwellers’ psybient song “New Generation” was begging for some more message. As luck would have it, Temple Step Project stepped in the project. Now, the already awesome vibes of “New Generation” are joined by a beautiful speech which integrates seamlessly with the music.

Temple Step Project went all in for the “new generation” message and gave the song a powerful, intentful message – if at time a bit too bombastic for its own good. It’s one of the better remixes out there. Even better, courtesy of a wonderfully composed fan-video we are transported to what is and what could be. I’ll link the original song too because it’s too good not to.

Entheogenic - Enthymesis

Entheogenic – Silent Knowing

There’s a fine balance between ambient and dance music. At the crossroads, you can find styles such as psybient, to which this calm yet diverse song belongs. The rather lengthy composition seems to have but one purpose: to submerge the listener in a world of adventurous, delicate sound, guided by mystical chanting. It is all supported by solid, well-thought rhythm.

Bluetech - Love Songs To The Source

Mari Boine – Big Medicine (Bluetech Remix)

Healing songs are rare jewels of creation. Bluetech took one and it intertwined ritualistic percussion and ghostly chanting textures into its structure. There are several other changes gleaming from the instrumental side. They all contribute to the creation of a mystical atmosphere while in the same time infusing the song with the unique ingredients that call to our body’s ancestral lust for pattern and rhythm. The result is yet another masterful creation from one of the best psybient music projects out there.

Kalya Scintilla - Listen To The Trees

Kalya Scintilla – Manzanita

Combining native-American flutes, mysterious whispers, various folk instruments and a staggering array of electronic sound textures, this is the sort of music that can be watched with eyes closed. It’s the sort of music that overwhelms the mind and taps imagination on the shoulder saying “it’s time to move”. Psybient titan Kalya Scintilla leads the way yet again.

Kalya Scintilla - Listen To The Trees

Kalya Scintilla – Boab

The trees are throwing a party and we’re invited. This is perhaps what Kalya Scintilla’s version of what the Boab corner of the party would sound like. As usual when it comes to this artist, the listener is treated to a staggering array of rhythms and sounds.

I have to say that at this party, I can hardly contain my body. Even though I am sitting on a chair donning my headphones, I cannot contain the grooves as they keep moving me left and right. It’s good I’m in no rush to type this, because this means I can make all sorts of gestures with my hands as the song keeps digging its way into the tribal parts of my awareness.

Ott – Owl Stretching Time

There were strange sounds coming from within the beatbox. The Ear approached and, with a greedy grin, attached itself to the musical device. Absorbing Ott’s delicious sound nectar, the Ear was getting closer to ecstasy minute after minute.

The music was chasing imagination over the Mountains of Impossible and Ear was delighted. Owl was stretching time so that Ear could cross the Valley of the Infinite in just a few seconds. Finally, Ear found the magic key and this is where words finally reach the end of their usefulness.

Kaminanda Gateways Of Consciousness

Kaminanda – Ritual Ecologies

It’s not easy to make good quality psybient music. If the beat is too alert, the atmosphere is ruined. If the melody is too slow or simple, then it definitely isn’t psy. Among the few artists that do psybient right, Kaminanda is one of the most promising. This song flows perfectly and relentlessly. Give it a listen and let the music play your mental drums.