China Quantum Satellite Launch

China Invests in Quantum Cryptography and Not a Moment Too Late

In the past years, a steady stream of revelations has shown the extent at which governments spy on us. This shocked nobody in the know. We’ve suspected it all along. When it comes to nation-states, however, it’s a different story. Countries don’t like it when other nations are snooping around in their backyard. Enter quantum cryptography^.

Edward Snowden along with WikiLeaks and other organizations have exposed parts of America’s cyber-espionage program. Now, we finally see some of the rewards coming from those revelations. China is moving towards ensuring secure and private communications for itself and, I suspect in the near future, for any entity that pays a hefty fee. Large corporations will definitely be interested in having access to a spy-proof communications network:^

Well played China, well played!

Update 2016-09-21: important new developments in quantum teleportation will undoubtedly pave the way for secure communication:^

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