Once upon a Snowy November Day in Stockholm

Once upon a Snowy November Day in Stockholm

Our neighborhood got dressed in white earlier than usual this year. We woke up to the beautiful dance of snowflakes waltzing to join their fallen brethren upon the immaculate lands below. I felt happy, as if I knew that an amazing day was about to unfold. Maybe I read it in the snowfall. Winter’s white can hide more than just the colors below. What if snow found a way to hide time from us as well? Then perhaps voices from the future reading these words whispered loud enough for me to hear their echoes.

Digitonal - Beautiful Broken

Digitonal – Anaethmatics

Playfulness is this melody. It tip-toes around our ears, unfolding its airy rhythms and, after a minute or so, it starts its joyful dance. Like any good play, it doesn’t overstay its welcome – it just grabs attention and leaves its echo in our memory. The song comes from the album “Beautiful Broken”. I can certainly testify towards the beauty of the composition. Don’t know about the “broken” part.

Kerrera - Scotland's Hidden Gem

Kerrera – Scotland’s Hidden Gem

A dark and foreboding sky hid the sun for most of the day. During the evening, wet clouds came down and embraced the hills, caressing the trees with misty fingers. The only sounds were those of animals and wind. A charming tea garden awaits the weary traveler. Not far away, perched upon a rock, Gylen looks towards the grassy path. It has been waiting there for hundreds of years, hoarding memories of amazed travelers in its thoughtful stone. Welcome to Kerrera.

This serene and moody piece of land has impressed me to such a degree that I decided to start writing about some beautiful places on Earth that I’ve had the luck and honor to visit. So, I hereby invite you to travel together with a writer and his photographer wife to a charming island on the West coast of Scotland.

Dead Can Dance - Anastasis

Dead Can Dance – Children Of The Sun

There’s solemnity here. There’s positivity. There’s a statement of brotherhood, sisterhood and belongness to a greater something. Organized religion is merely the system that has been developed by humans in order to control and exploit this feeling that we all have inside. Even if it is “just” the Universe we belong to, it is still a feeling of being part of something. We are, truly, children of the Sun, for without the atomic lovemaking called fusion, we wouldn’t exist.

Beautiful music, powerful voice, meaningful message, what more can we ask for? Perhaps more than four minutes of it? You got it! This one will keep your eardrums satisfied for 457 seconds. Enjoy.

Car Pooling via Uber and Lyft

Carpooling Becoming More Effective with Every Passing Day

An interesting phenomenon is happening in Los Angeles. People are starting to realize that owning a car is not only stressful, but economically damaging. Thanks to companies like Uber, Lyft and others, the costs of movement have decreased drastically. An increasing amount of people is waking up to the fact that ridesharing has more advantages than disadvantages.

This is only the beginning. The self-driving vehicle revolution will increase the efficiency of transportation even further. We often hear that one cannot stand in the way of progress. With the help of software and the Internet, seems like progress is hitting the pavement of most major cities on the globe and will slowly but surely spread everywhere.

Balligomingo - Beneath The Surface

Balligomingo – Lust

Every now and then, the perfect voice, lyrics and music meet. The way singer Beverley Staunton flows through the words is truly something to behold – powerful, ecstatic, driven. This song is as sensual and uplifting as they come. Of course, what is sensual for someone is a turnoff for someone else, but I believe we can agree that there’s a powerful voice and some beautiful lyrics here.

India and Gender Equality

India Makes Efforts towards Gender Equality… Through Censorship

In India, many families are taking their gender preferences a bit too far. Because of the perceived material benefit of having boys, women tend to terminate girl pregnancies more often. This has resulted in the country having one of the worst gender balances in the world.

Various Indian governments have tried to tackle the problem in different ways. The latest such maneuver is asking Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to censor advertisements for services that determine the sex of unborn children.

Bob Moses - All In All

Bob Moses – Far From The Tree

It ramps up slowly but determinedly, marching forward with a solid thumping bass that can turn subwoofers to weapons. Then the voices start, rising in beautiful monotony and leading up to the few lyrics that are sung. The melody features an interesting mix between the underlying scattered beat and a carefully put together accompaniment for the singer.

This song reminds me of a saying in Romanian: “the splinter won’t fall far from the tree”. It is usually said when children follow in the footsteps of parents. However, I think many of us do fall quite far from the tree…