David Goodall

You’re 102 years old. You still want and can work. You have no disease, your mind is sharp and brings joy to those around. However, the industrialized healthcare system and society has other plans. You’re costly to keep under permanent supervision, as if you even want to be constantly watched. So, whether you like it or not, you must accept round-the-clock care or move to a nursing home. This happened to David Goodall. Thanks to Swiss laws, however, he could die on his own accord:


Euthanasia^ is a heavily debated topic. Many people have sought the right to end their life. Check what Terry Pratchett (suffering from Alzheimer’s^) had to say^ about it. Pro-life associations rushed to condemn BBC^ for broadcasting Pratchett’s statement, accusing BBC of imbalanced reporting.

These are the same people that have no problem with all the other violent and trivial garbage being broadcasted most of the time. These are the people who like to censor other opinions simply because they’re not theirs. These are the people who think they have the right to decide what others should do with their lives.

I guess my opinion on assisted suicide is pretty clear by now. People should mind their own business. If somebody wants to help a friend or family member die, then they should, by law, be allowed to do so, provided that they have ratified the decision in a forum consisting of at least two witnesses, in front of a local official.

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