Children Of Bodom - Follow The Reaper

Brutal it may be, but with these catchy guitar lines and tasty synths, this song is one for the history books. The way the melody flows makes it a truly epic piece.

Kick ass metal from Finland, Children of Bodom have been described as “power metal with harsh vocals” (in the period this song is from). But I think this song is “melodic death metal with keyboards”. Like a wise man said: trying to peg music to genres is like trying to dance architecture.

The lyrics are good and the video is pretty nice too!

“The faint blaze of the candle of my life,
Slowly dying like a fire in a pouring rain.
No sparks of hope inside,
No shooting stars on my sky.
On broken wings, no flying high

Another night, another demise,
Cadaverous wind blowing cold as ice
I’ll let the wind blow out the light
Cause its gets more painful every time I die.

Out of strength to fight.
I cannot take another night.
I cannot take it no more.
Lust of light slips through my fingers
like blood on my arms.
Black candle wax has buried me”

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