Ugress - Unicorn

Ugress – Lost In Time

Time’s short, so this tune doesn’t waste any second to reach its climax. It takes us on a quick ride through groovy beats, it rushes to the spicy blend of dreamy voice and echoed synths and then immediately proceeds straight to the dancefloor.

And then, just when you think you got it, it’s over. Thanks the Gods of Technology for effortless rewind capabilities (aka “abusing the replay button”).

The Hu - Yuve Yuve Yu

The HU – Yuve Yuve Yu

Blasting with originality, here’s a piece featuring heavy metal riffing combined with Mongolian throat chanting and other traditional Mongolian instrumentation. This stuff sounds so damn good that I feel a new metal genre emerging!

But what really stands out from this ground-breaking work of art are the lyrics. These words are a slap in the face of a way of life that has spread like a cancer in the world: hypercosumerism and rampant individualism (hyperindividualism). Oh, and the video is freakin’ awesome too!

Social Activism and Treading Carefully

Social Activism and Treading Carefully

Throughout history stretches a long list with names of activists that were persecuted, tortured and even killed. Sometimes, their suffering or death only accelerated the changes they fought for.

But there’s an even longer (and mostly unknown) list with the names of hidden activists. Those that have treaded carefully and taken fewer risks in order to ensure their safety and thus, the longevity of their work. These are the little-known heroes that operated patiently, within the confines of a system (and often working around the system), changing it from the inside, slowly but surely (and often collaborating with the “outsiders” more than we will know in this lifetime).

What determines the success of a message? The shock and confrontation approach, or a slow and careful process of sculpting society? A sprint prodding others to act, or a marathon of implementation? The answer is: any mix of the above. That’s where an activist’s strategy comes into play. And let’s not forget that chance also plays a role.