Beck - Mellow Gold

Beck – Loser

Failure can now be celebrated with this paradoxical hymn that manages to be both catchy and apathic. The lyrics are somewhere at a crossroads between humor and despair, surrender and pessimism, with a side-dish of sarcasm. And they’re being delivered with the perfect voice and intonation.

Sowulo - Sol

Sowulo – Ginnungagap

In Norse mythology, Ginnungagap (“gaping abyss”, “yawning void”) is the primordial void, mentioned in the Gylfaginning, the Eddaic text recording Norse cosmogony.

Well, for a song about the primordial void, this one is pretty delicate and happy. The metalhead in me says that a song called so would have worked better from the pagan black metal scene. But then my spiritual side interjects and says: “but who says the void is dark, or violent?”. Indeed, Eastern philosophies such as Buddhism see the void in a much more mature way.

The metalhead in me is wrong and this song is a beautiful celebration of the importance of the primordial void. Leave your senses behind, save perhaps for hearing and let this song show you.