Clawfinger - Out To Get Me

Clawfinger – Shine On You Crazy Diamond

I haven’t come across too many covers of Pink Floyd songs, probably because they’re too damn perfect to begin with. But Swedish renegades Clawfinger did the impossible. Not only did the band pick one of Pink Floyd’s most beloved songs to cover. They actually made it work! Of course, I can’t say that it sounds better than the original, but that wasn’t the point anyway. The point of a cover is to reinterpret, and wow was it reinterpreted! Just listen to those guitars dig into it! Just listen to that choir/duet! Amazing!


Novel Measures to Cope with a Novel Virus

This is a living post and will be updated frequently. It is a collection of community-inspired unique approaches & thoughts about how to tackle the Corona virus crisis.

The world will never be the same. If there’s a time to raise to the occasion, that time is now. But what to do? You’re smart. You’ll figure something out! And when you do, please reach out. Not necessarily in the comments below, but to your friends, particularly those whom you feel as a good partner.

Suie Paparude - Noul Album

Suie Paparude – Nevazutii

“The Unseen Ones” is this song’s title, and is it well-chosen. It starts with a gentle flow while mysterious sounds surface through twisted textures. Then, dark beats summon The Unseen Ones. And while they may be unseen, they are definitely not unheard. They live inside this song, and each time it is listened, they get to play around with the ever-changing imagination. This piece is both an atmospheric masterpiece and a body mover.

Von Spar - Garzweiler

Von Spar – Omonia

A master class in sound architecture, this dark electronica piece builds up through two superb crescendos until reaching a dancefloor-melting climax. There’s a vast array of sounds and details to take in, among which is an amazing and infectious use of samples. This is easily one of the most adventurous songs I’ve heard in years.

Hot Earth

Preparing for Hot Earth

It doesn’t matter if you believe that humans are contributing to global warming or not. Doesn’t matter if you believe the current scientific consensus or not. What matters is that Earth is getting hotter.

Sure, if our civilization finally reaches consensus on doing something about global warming, we may be able to slow or even reverse the process. But, given the current political outlook, it doesn’t seem that we’ll see any serious measures being taken in the coming years. So, let’s get ready for what may be coming and let’s meet it with the best we’ve got.

Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass - Passages

Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass – Sadhanipa

Ravi Shankar, one of the world’s most renowned sitar singers joins vibes with Western classical music composer Philip Glass. The result is a playful culture fusion journey, full of positive energy and daring moves. Instruments dance around each other, drawing countless patterns. There’s enough creativity here to satisfy the hungriest of ears.

I recommend listening to the entire album, called “Passages”.