Von Spar - Garzweiler

Von Spar – Omonia

A master class in sound architecture, this dark electronica piece builds up through two superb crescendos until reaching a dancefloor-melting climax. There’s a vast array of sounds and details to take in, among which is an amazing and infectious use of samples. This is easily one of the most adventurous songs I’ve heard in years.

Radioactive Sandwich - Mirrage

Radioactive Sandwich – An Echo Is The Shadow Of A Sound

Starting with the name, this is one special song. Warning: superlatives ahead.

The melody’s 11 minutes are bountiful, full of instruments and sounds perfectly picked for creating an atmosphere of mystery, even divine. And it’s all layered in a supremely masterful way. That oppressive bass line… that redeeming choir…

The dance of sound shadows is here to entertain and hypnotize, to amaze and to relax. Art like this makes me immensely thankful to live in a day and age when technology has exploded the instrumental repertoire to such a degree.

Scratch Massive ‎– Nuit De Reve

Scratch Massive – Waiting For A Sign (feat. Koudlam)

Floating down from some dark mist comes a strange creation, one of those sound creatures that is almost impossible to peg to a certain genre. Sure, there’s quite a bit of electronica here – some from the big beat subgenre and some from the dark ambient subgenre. But then there’s that tribal wraith voice too.

So what it is then? It’s a damn good and ominous serving of menacing atmospheric bass with a side-dish of evocative filter-twisted singing.

Hybrid - I Choose Noise

Hybrid – Dream Stalker

You close your eyes, you fall asleep. There, where your awareness flicks out, they await… the Dream Stalkers. Inquisitive beings roaming the echoes of our consciousness, prodding, analyzing, recording, riding through the synapses.

Oh, how they enjoy the chaotic festival of our dreams; surreal emotions, exotic adventures and delicious madness. They feast off the imagination engine that is our mind.This is their song – a ruthless mechanical march punctuated with ghostly interventions. And yet, this is an atmospheric piece, otherwise I couldn’t have summoned the words above.

Sorrow - Arisen

Sorrow – Arisen

Dark but mellow, this old school drum’n’bass creation is a master class in the clever use and mixing of vocal samples, something I’ve noticed that this artist is particularly good at.

This song also introduced me to one of my all-time favorite album covers. I’ve tried to contact Sorrow to find out who’s behind the masterpiece but no luck. Hopefully one day I’ll find out who’s behind this magnificent drawing.

Mosh - Monarchy

Mosh – McQueen

What a delicious, murderous beat(ing) this song delivers. It plows right through from start to finish. There isn’t much that can resist the tenacity of the buzz-saw synths that leap at us from all sides.

Perhaps if I hadn’t seen the video for the song I wouldn’t have described it as “murderous”. The twisted creation is inspired by an urban legend about “The Cleaner”, a guy who is called to dispose of evidence. It’s a video I can’t really recommend watching.