Madrugada - Industrial Silence

Madrugada – Quite Emotional

Dim the lights, light a candle, embrace, sway. True to its namesake, this atmospheric, moody and melancholy-inducing song features one of the warmest male vocal performances I’ve ever heard. Soothing guitars and gentle keyboards provide the ideal background while the sparingly-used percussion anchors the song to perfection.

There’s a saying that goes like this: while listening to this song for the first time, if you think of good memories, it will always bring you back to those beautiful moments when you listen to it again.

Recoil - Want

Recoil – Want

Here are a few twisted little verses that cut and gash like rusty razor blades:

“I want to strangle the stars for all they promised me.”
“I want matches in case I have to suddenly burn.”
“I want to write my secret across your sky.”

Besides its assault on imagination, this song features one hell of a composition. It’s diverse, ruthless and in perfect rhythm and mood with the lyrics. Take a walk on the dark side together with Recoil and the best possible singer for such verses.

Pink Floyd - The Division Bell

Pink Floyd – High Hopes

A solemn and immortal song that can be a catalyst for hope or a one way ticket to melancholy. There is innocence and wisdom here, shining from within the amazing musical craftsmanship. The melody is both delicate and monolithic, vulnerable and unstoppable. Word for word and echo for echo, a choice waits in perfect balance.

The song’s message is all the more meaningful as this was to be Pink Floyd’s last song for a long time. It’s the final track of their last album, The Division Bell. Even though in 2014 the band came back with The Endless River, that album is comprised of mostly recycled material so I think of The Division Bell as their last proper album.

Like with the other Pink Floyd songs I’ve featured, I am tempted to write more. Unlike other times, I’ll break under the temptation and say that this song has brought me to tears more than once – and for the most part, those were tears of joy.

U2 - Songs Of Innocence

U2 – The Troubles (feat. Lykke Li)

It’s a band that needs no introduction. U2 has written history. So instead of going with one of their classics, I’ve chosen to feature one of their newer songs. I have a soft spot for duets and this one is pretty damn sweet as far as duets go.

Accompanied by soft instrumentals, Lykke and Bono’s voices grow closer and closer together, developing into a intricate and passionate performance. They also have some witty lyrics to go through. All the while, the orchestra shines from under the percussion and sparse use of guitar. It’s what I’ll call “a beautiful moving-on song”.

Insane Clown Posse - The Great Milenko

Insane Clown Posse – Halls Of Illusions

This rabid, mad, wicked rock/hip-hop song is half horror-comedy movie and half awesome musical performance. Since this style is all about the lyrics, I’ll start by saying that this is one little sadistic gem. Contrasting ideal dream worlds with terrible realities, the merciless writing goes through a violent story, infesting it with dark humor coming from the blackest pits of hell.

It’s all delivered by a solid melody, diverse and very well-orchestrated (I’d say it rises far above the average hip-hop instrumentals). Guitars, percussion, vocal distortions, weird sounds of all sorts, samples – everything is brought together with excellent production values.

Tim Booth & Angelo Badalamenti - Booth And The Bad Angel

Tim Booth & Angelo Badalamenti – Dance Of The Bad Angels

A sensual, warm song develops into a majestic chant of shattering lyrical intensity. It’s always hard to write words about such amazing creations. Whatever I’d write would pale in comparison to the blinding divine poetry that is about to unfold. So I’m going to let the music be the stair and the lyrics the guiding light. Now close your eyes, sharpen your hearing and feel where it all leads to.

Savages - Adore Life

Savages – Adore

A amazing song with words so powerful they pierce through the music and reach deep within our soul. Every touch of the guitar comes at just the right moment. It’s one of those rare songs when the singing is in perfect symbiosis with the music.

The video lifts the melody to unfathomable heights. It is audio-visual poetry at its best. My recommended journey is to first listen to the song while reading the lyrics. Only then, armed with a hint of opinion and words of knowledge, should you delve into the depths of a work of art in body language.