Trentemoller - Moan

Trentemøller – Moan (Vocal Remix feat. Ane Trolle)

With its sharp sound and amazing attention to detail, this melody made it to the top of my best finds of this 2016. One can listen to this song for a dozen times and continue to find surprising details coming out from liquid depths that wobble and echo.

It’s danceable yet dreamy; at least until the planet-busting laser synth kicks in and turns the entire thing up to eleven. The word “obsessive” doesn’t quite do justice to this song. I have to stop…

“Thinking about you
Constantly thinking about you
Thinking about you
I’ve been thinking too much about you
See the sunset with no sleep at all
Constantly thinking about you
And I can’t get through this at all”

I’ll be thinking about this song for a long time. And, better yet, I’ll come back to it again and again and let my mind attack me with its exotic images.

Last but not least, I recommend watching the video too.

You can listen to the song for free, in good quality, on BandCamp, which is one of the best websites when it comes to supporting artists. You can also purchase the song (or album) from this same location. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I did purchase Trentemøller’s album :).^


For Spotify Users (high quality):^

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