The Handsome Family - Singing Bones

The Handsome Family – Far From Any Road

This song starts with some of the most beautiful percussion I’ve heard lately. It’s exquisitely laid-back and relaxing but in the same time, solemn and evocative. The lyrics bring home what is definitely a true musical gem.

Alternative country is a very interesting musical style. These handsome artists and their expertly mixing indie folk in it have just made it even more interesting. I wish this song was 2 hours long, but its short length is what makes it so charming. Welcome to the paradox that is art.

“From the dusty mesa, her looming shadow grows
Hidden in the branches of the poison creosote

She twines her spines up slowly towards the boiling sun,
And when I touched her skin, my fingers ran with blood.


And rise with me forever across the silent sand,
And the stars will be your eyes and the wind will be my hands.”

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