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Here’s an hymn for change if there ever was one! And what’s the best music to stimulate change? How about a couple of rabid guitars riffing against relentless percussion? The occasional synthesizer touch is there to bring diversity to an already good song. Even for those that aren’t fans of rap-metal, the lyrics of this song are an ode to change of fascinating intensity.

There aren’t many metal bands that manage to make good music and write decent lyrics. There are even fewer that make excellent music and write excellent lyrics. Clawfinger is one of them. The band’s lyrics are firmly rooted in the sad realities of the late 20th and early 21st century when social decay at the hands of corporations and corrupt governments caused an immense amount of grief and social trauma. This isn’t the last Clawfinger Weekly Song you’ll see around here! Oh, I’m just gettin’ started :).

“Are you satisfied with everything the way it is
Are you stuck in the conformity of minding your own biz
Does a confrontation make you want to turn and run
and do you think about the things you’d like to have undone
Are you scared of looking back at all the things you’ve said
and do you keep the words you’d like to say inside your head
well nothing changes by itself without some kind of clash
and there’s always gonna be some barriers to smash

Are you scared to be, scared of what you see
Are you scared to change, scared to rearrange
There’s a chance that you never take the chances you get

If you never move ahead you’ll keep on looking back
the only thing you’re doing is just filling out the cracks
Another coat of artificial paint won’t change a thing
unless the whole foundation gets a brand new colouring
What is there to lose except some insecurity
that you replace with faith to not be scared of what you see
‘cos every little risk you take breaks down another wall
the biggest chance that you can take is just to let it fall

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