Dimmu Borgir - Death Cult Armageddon

Dimmu Borgir – Eradication Instincts Defined

Marching forth with cruel precision, an ominous orchestra serves as the starting point for this lovely ride of terror. There are moments of hopefulness, but these will be quickly extinguished by the bleak landscape that follows.

It takes a lot to make me feature metal music in this space, especially when it comes to this extreme variety. It takes a perfectly executed song, featuring one of the best synergies between electric guitars, merciless artillery percussion, choirs, raging howls and a full-fledged orchestra. Completing the apocalyptic picture, the song showcases some of Dimmu Borgir’s finest lyrics, bringing forth the murderous aspect of man and punishing it with the image of nuclear Armageddon. Even the title of the song is perfect.

“A living hate smoldering abyss
Nurtured through centuries with quietly exercised wrath
Seeks the easiest way to the feed the engine
Praising the final bloodbath

Uncertainty and guilt
Will no longer endorse our fate
There will be no remorse, we kill to kill again
Killing all

Go ahead end it all, we deserve no better
As a forever unblessed detonation
The great plutonium chord fulminates
Blinding the eyes of creation

Cutting off all life support
Sweeping away existence instantly
Iced desolate ruins linger
Leaving traces of our lovely humanity”

Unfortunately, the label upon which album is released, Nuclear Blast, seems to still be part of those annoying, backward-thinking content-police organizations. No YouTube version is available for this song and, of course, it’s difficult to buy the album in DRM-free format. Luckily, the song can be listened for free on Deezer, which requires only a Google or FaceBook profile to login.

I provided links for the orchestral-only version of the song too. I highly recommend listening to it as well.

For Spotify Users (high quality):


For Deezer Users (high quality):


Orchestral version (unfortunately, only live versions are available online, “thanks” again to content police not allowing people to get to know this music and potentially buy it):

For Spotify Users (high quality):



For Deezer Users (high quality):


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