Printing Money Is Sexy

I love the Internet at times like this. Here’s a beautiful answer to a series of pictures that the elite has shamelessly published online. I never really expect empathy from the likes of those that control financial systems, but this way of launching a “money product” is particularly disgusting. Financial honchos have staged a nonchalant photoshoot as if they were fundraising for orphanages. The online response has been hilarious (while in the same time highlighting the sadness of the situation we’re in):^

One of the best comments: “Mnunchin’s wife looks like these bills are part of her master plan to take over Gotham City”

What more there is to comment really? Those that understand will understand. Those that do not, will understand later (hopefully before it is too late). The people happily putting their signatures on those bills are the people that casually wear clothes worth the yearly food budget of countless people crushed over in disadvantaged countries by the industries and mining companies that provide child-labor goodies to the “developed” world. I put “developed” in quotes there because having the biggest guns does not have anything to do with having the wisdom and kindness necessary to advance a species to the next evolutionary step^.

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