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Software is becoming more important with every passing year. We now live in a world where processes across the economic and social spectrum can be scaled, optimized and improved through software. Sometimes it’s automation, at other times it’s reinterpreting and transforming entire workflows into something that can be done remotely and collaboratively via various centralized systems (applications, websites, etc.).

Software is also a very new concept in the world of engineering. Its completely immaterial nature makes it difficult to craft using known techniques and processes. Unfortunately, the vast majority of companies out there haven’t yet adapted to software. Sometimes even companies that think of themselves that they are doing software go about it in a completely mechanical way. They put everything underneath the umbrella term “IT” (Information Technology). There is a very important distinction between technology and correctly (profitably) applying that technology.

Good software product design is essential for economic success. However, like the rest of the software universe, product design is a very rapidly changing set of methodologies and practices. Many companies are far behind where they should be in order to produce quality software.

Here are three videos that quickly and painlessly explain some key concepts about product lifecycle. Keep in mind the words of renowned product specialist Marty Cagan: today, “product” is almost synonymous with “software product” because software has become so ubiquitous.

I consider these videos to be a game-changer for anybody involved in building products. No matter what your role is, you are the force that can bring this change in your workplace and help towards building better products.

In the first video, Marty Cagan talks about the root causes for product failure:^

And here, the same Marty Cagan talks about continuous innovation:^

Last but not least, here’s an overall description of the role of Product Owner in the Agile methodology:^

And here’s a bonus, the 18 characteristics of a great product owner:^

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