Ancient Roman Concrete

Romans Sure Knew How to Cook Concrete

“A bunch of half-sunken structures off the Italian coast might sound less impressive than a gladiatorial colosseum. But underwater, the marvel is in the material. The harbor concrete, a mixture of volcanic ash and quicklime, has withstood the sea for two millennia and counting. What’s more, it is stronger than when it was first mixed.”

I’m quoting from the article below:^

Unsurprisingly, we still have a lot to learn from ancient cultures, even when it comes to technology. Sure, it can be argued that the Romans half-invented this super-strong type of cement, half-stumbled upon it by chance. From what we know, they were far behind us when it comes to understanding complex chemical reactions, but as the saying goes, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s”.

In any case, here’s to the advancement of strong materials, mother nature, chance and new technological opportunities for us to survive a rising ocean and who-knows-what we might bring upon ourselves in the coming decades.

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