Tim Booth & Angelo Badalamenti - Booth And The Bad Angel

Tim Booth & Angelo Badalamenti – Dance Of The Bad Angels

A sensual, warm song develops into a majestic chant of shattering lyrical intensity. It’s always hard to write words about such amazing creations. Whatever I’d write would pale in comparison to the blinding divine poetry that is about to unfold. So I’m going to let the music be the stair and the lyrics the guiding light. Now close your eyes, sharpen your hearing and feel where it all leads to.

A Yoga Pose

Is Yoga Really an Entry Drug to Buddhism?

Among the strangest things I’ve read lately is how a group of (Christian) parents prevented yoga exercises from being taught at a Swedish school. Among others, the motivation was that the exercises might tamper with their children’s religious beliefs

Fairness champion Sweden interdicts religious interference in schools. However, yoga is related to Buddhism the same way fasting is related to Christianity. Yoga and fasting are disciplines that test the body and mind. Both practices have been proven time and again to be beneficial. And while fasting requires a careful understanding of one’s biorhythms, yoga is a readily available for improving one’s body, balance, physical and mental discipline.