Car Pooling via Uber and Lyft

Carpooling Becoming More Effective with Every Passing Day

An interesting phenomenon is happening in Los Angeles. People are starting to realize that owning a car is not only stressful, but economically damaging. Thanks to companies like Uber, Lyft and others, the costs of movement have decreased drastically. An increasing amount of people is waking up to the fact that ridesharing has more advantages than disadvantages.^

This is only the beginning. The self-driving vehicle revolution will increase the efficiency of transportation even further. We often hear that one cannot stand in the way of progress. With the help of software and the Internet, seems like progress is hitting the pavement of most major cities on the globe and will slowly but surely spread everywhere.

Even if the costs of movement are already quite low in some countries, even there, the benefits of ridesharing and carpooling will undoubtedly make themselves felt sooner or later. There are interesting times ahead. Although professional drivers might not be so keen regarding the upcoming changes, the planet will become cleaner and we’ll have less pollution from our streets. And think of all the freed car parking space!

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