Balligomingo - Beneath The Surface

Every now and then, the perfect voice, lyrics and music meet. The way singer Beverley Staunton flows through the words is truly something to behold – powerful, ecstatic, driven. This song is as sensual and uplifting as they come. Of course, what is sensual for someone is a turnoff for someone else, but I believe we can agree that there’s a powerful voice and some beautiful lyrics here.

This melody comes from Balligomingo’s “Beneath the Surface” album, which I must highly recommend. The sound may be somewhat reminiscent of Delerium, but I feel that Balligomingo’s album is more… sensual – and not because of this song alone, check “Heat” out, where the artists collaborate with Kristy Thirsk, yet another amazing singer that created alongside Delerium.

“Follow me into deeper waters
Sinking fast into your eyes
Caught inside your trance

Feel my hunger for aching pleasure
Shelter me under your spell
Offer me your soul


Feel the fire burning under
Wander free into my world
Let me be your pearl”

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