Brother, sister… just let it go. Shed those pains to the ground, like the butterfly that leaves its pupa. Spread your wings and embrace… the Universe. Let this angel’s voice guide you, let this beautiful rhythm move you. Connect with the joy that you are alive and the knowing that comes with it. You can dream and you can act.

“Sometimes when I look at what’s in front of me
It seems so overwhelming when it’s staring back at me
I know things move on and they grow
So why is it hard to stay mellow?
Just got to take it slow

So just breathe, breathe slow
Though it’s hard it’s hard to make it you know
I want you to breathe, breathe slow
Breathe, breathe

Sometimes, sometimes when you try to go inside and find what you’re all about
At times you feel things aren’t for real, there is doubt
Sometimes you feel you got to be left alone
Sometimes you feel you got to be taking it slow
So don’t you think another minute”

You can listen to the melody for free, in good quality, on BandCamp, which is one of the best websites when it comes to supporting artists. You can also purchase the song (or album) from this same location. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I did purchase Bluetech’s album :).^

YouTube (decent quality):^

For Spotify Users (high quality):^

For Deezer Users (high quality):^

This Weekly Song entry has been brought from the FaceBook archive of Weekly Song^. This exploration was originally started through a FaceBook page, about 13 months prior to launching Mentatul. Slowly but surely, the entire FaceBook archive will be brought here.

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