Hybrid - Disappear Here

Thirsty for your imagination, a whirlwind of percussion and crispy sound textures brings her voice from the cusp of an ocean storm. Listen carefully and get lost deep within the intricacies of a world-class electronic orchestra. And don’t feel too bad when it drops you out just when you want more.

“Burn in the distance
I can see the shape
It won’t be long till you taste salt with me
I heard the wind whisper something to my mind

I feel feverish–a little–it’s just beneath my skin
It’s the moment before something starts and something begins
I can taste salt on your skin

I have found another place to play
And slowly and steadily, I am falling away

And so I’m finding I’m getting the right things
And finally you are losing your head
I always wanted to taste the bittersweet
And you’re swept away

Birds and bees torment me and use my shape
On other matters bring me air to breathe
And let me feel salt in my hair

I will be rolled over and over
You’re getting pulled down underwater
And as the bittersweet digs in
I can taste salt on your skin”

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