The Polish Ambassador - Ecozoic

The Polish Ambassador – Live Inside A Dream (feat. Ayla Nereo)

It starts airy and carefree but the melody doesn’t waste a second to make it clear that despite Ayla’s soothing voice, this is still a groovy electronica song. Call it psybient, call it tribal electronica, call it whatever you want, this is one solid creation.

Like all songs from The Polish Ambassador’s “Ecozoic” album, this one ends with an outro that is in the same time fitting and seems like it’s coming from another story. “Ecozoic” is a massive album that is filled to the brim with all manner of sound experiments.

Nervous Testpilot - Frozen Synapse

Nervous Testpilot – Triumph

Although it does have its moments of calmness, this is one action-packed song – as it is apparent from the very first seconds. The rather merciless beat going on could break immersion sometimes, but that’s probably the point. The listeners will have to make peace with the beast if they are to enjoy the choirs and climb the ladder leading to victory.

Through the use of an uplifting piano segment, the composer managed to evoke the feeling of triumph very well. The song comes from the soundtrack for the game Frozen Synapse.