Trump Will Not Win

Later Update: This turned out to be one of my worst prognoses ever. Here’s what I learned^ from this failure.

Don’t worry, the world’s not going to end, at least not because of Donald Trump becoming the president of a nuclear armed superpower. What is worrying me is that such a statement even needs to be considered or said. When somebody like Trump takes a front seat in the politics of a superpower, there are serious questions that some people should start asking themselves.

Even so, I like to think that the current situation is for the best. Donald is a mirror in which America can take a good look at itself. Perhaps less advantageous is how he represents his country abroad. Several economic partners already expressed strong distaste towards the fellow.

Here’s what an American over at Vox has to say about Trump’s candidacy:^

I’m going to think positive and remain convinced that Trump has no chance of winning the election. Actually, I seriously doubt that he can even get the nomination. Even if he manages to win by numbers, I like to believe that the Republican Party won’t allow itself to sink that low as to nominate a hate-preacher to run for commander in chief of America’s vast military forces.

If they do, then I guess it’s jolly time for the party to break in two, because its members’ stubbornness is beginning to cost too much. There are many valuable people in the Republican camp and the USA simply cannot afford to lose their voice among a crowd with outdated mentality and whose electorate will eventually dwindle.

This being said, I have all the understanding for Republicans of any opinion and, by extent, for Trump’s supporters. They are all our brothers and sisters and we should not brush aside their concerns and opinions. I truly believe that the best way for Americans of all parties to move forward is to sit together and talk about their experiences and, together, discover what motivates their political choices.

Racism, homophobia, misogyny and bigotry have an impressive following in the American society and political life. If America wishes to walk proud in the 21st century, it has to take a closer look at how it uses education, religion and mass media.

But then again, maybe the entire point of Trump’s candidacy is to make sure that the corporations get their woman in front of the country, taking us one step closer towards the dissolution of this so-called democracy and the rise of corporate oligarchy.

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