Samael - Eternal

“How long is a life how many ways can you try on
How long is your life how many ways did you try on
don’t need to reach the end when you know what’s there
no one knows what’s there…

get in get out don’t lose time in the roundabout
get in get out read your map if you ever doubt
try on try out all different sense
try on reach out for distant suns

the way we take, the one we don’t
the one we left, the one we change
the one that burns, the one that freezes
the one we built, the one we are
along the way there’s some ways we take another way

got power to ponder
to construct to structure
to be tuned, uninterfered
to conquer our inner self
to prevent and assure
to invent our future

fighting the resistance of time
with persistence of faith
softly, cunningly cleaning the dirt
wildly, radiantly drowning to rebirth

winged by pressure
dazzled by pleasure
distorted absorbed
restored again and again

there’s an after to every now…
an answer to every how
there’s an after to every now”

A hymn of change, an ode for being. A song that says a lot behind those wild distorted guitars and out-of-control drum machines. Vorph’s raspy voice is a peculiar vehicle for delivering this message, but some messages stand out more when they come in exotic packaging. Samael’s blend of electronic industrial metal may be difficult to stomach for some, but that’s why I started this review with the lyrics, because that’s one thing that anybody can and should take from this piece of music history.

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