Black Sun Empire - Driving Insane

Black Sun Empire – The Rat (Kemal Remix)

It cuts and claws its way onto the dance floor in a steady march, driven by typical drum’n’bass percussion. It’s all anchored in a dark bass line as is expected of this genre. But besides the familiar ingredients, the song is laced with crispy textures and even airy soundscapes that enhance the contrast with the dark mechanical rodent.

Black Sun Empire’s “Driving Insane” album is full of such high-energy surprises. It’s the band’s first album but also one of their finest – a must-listen, start to finish. Of course, for this song the credit also goes to Kemal for creating this awesome remix of an already great track.

Savoy - Self Predator

Savoy – Cata (feat. LoBounce)

It’s like setting yourself on fire, but worse, ‘cause there are no flames to save you by melting your ear drums. Instead, the merciless drilling-bass will proceed to creep its way into your every fiber, flanked by strafing raw rhythms. This sounds bad, doesn’t it? Paradoxically, it’s not. It’s one of the best dark techno tracks I’ve heard back in 2016. It is, however, definitely not for the faint of heart, or, should I say, not for the faint of mental resistance.

Hocico - Memorias Atras

Hocico – About A Dead

Ever heard about a musical genre called aggrotech? No, it has nothing to do with agriculture. It’s an exotic combination between electronica instrumentals and metal music atmosphere and vocals. And it sounds wicked!

After the merciless instrumental kicks off, the banshee singer will soon start its rant against organized religion. Even though the lyrical content is stuck with a rather limited spiritual perspective, I can’t say that I completely disagree with the message.