What Does Mentatul Mean?

What Does “Mentatul” Mean?

The word “mentat” was invented by Frank Herbert and prominently used in his Dune series. The “ul” suffix in this website’s name is the Romanian definite article, added because that is my country of origin. However, I am not “the mentat”, even though my project is named that way.

Instead, the name of this website pays homage to the concept of a mentat. It is an aspiration of mine. Mentats have always inspired me. When I write analytical works, I am trying to interpret information in the same way I imagine a mentat would.

Trump Will Not Win

Trump Will Not Win

Don’t worry, the world’s not going to end, at least not because of Donald Trump becoming the president of a nuclear armed superpower. What is worrying me is that such a statement even needs to be considered or said. When somebody like Trump takes a front seat in the politics of a superpower, there are serious questions that some people should start asking themselves.

Even so, I like to think that the current situation is for the best. Donald is a mirror in which America can take a good look at itself. Perhaps less advantageous is how he represents his country abroad. Several economic partners already expressed strong distaste towards the fellow.

Big Corporations Go After Artificial Intelligence

Big Corporations Go After Artificial Intelligence

The word “Go” in the title is not coincidental. Much earlier than expected, an AI program managed to defeat a human Go champion. Artificial Intelligence has had the upper hand in the game of Chess for more than a decade already. However, defeating humans at the game of Go requires a different kind of intelligence than it is the case with Chess.

Terry Oldfield - Dancer In The Void

Terry Oldfield – Dancer In The Void

Listening to this song with my eyes closed is like traveling to another world. This is one of those rare gems that are good any time of the day and anywhere in this Universe. You can find it, and other like it, on Terry Oldfield’s “Journey Into Space”, an album released in 2012. Terry is the brother of Mike Oldfield, another great musician, author of the famous “Tubular Bells”.