Pink Floyd - The Division Bell

Pink Floyd – High Hopes

A solemn and immortal song that can be a catalyst for hope or a one way ticket to melancholy. There is innocence and wisdom here, shining from within the amazing musical craftsmanship. The melody is both delicate and monolithic, vulnerable and unstoppable. Word for word and echo for echo, a choice waits in perfect balance.

The song’s message is all the more meaningful as this was to be Pink Floyd’s last song for a long time. It’s the final track of their last album, The Division Bell. Even though in 2014 the band came back with The Endless River, that album is comprised of mostly recycled material so I think of The Division Bell as their last proper album.

Like with the other Pink Floyd songs I’ve featured, I am tempted to write more. Unlike other times, I’ll break under the temptation and say that this song has brought me to tears more than once – and for the most part, those were tears of joy.

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond

From the very first seconds, this avatar of musical art promises to send its passengers to the far reaches of imagination. The finesse at play here is all too evident. While the mighty sound creature begins to unfold its wings, through solemn, constant touches of the synthesizer, a myriad smaller musical happenings occur in the background. And this is barely scratching the surface of what can be said about the first minute and a half of this masterpiece in composition and meaning.

Soon, the soft, calm synth landscape is punctuated by a lonely guitar, bringing a whole new dimension of sharpness and… sincerity. Then, the melody bursts to life, echoing, warping time and space. And it’s still only the beginning.

Words are blinded by the light of genius. The only way to reward this creation is to close my eyes and let it live inside me. And a long life it will be, for songs such as this one are touched with the magnetism of divinity.

Pink Floyd - The Division Bell

Pink Floyd – Marooned

Imagine a deserted beach. Imagine the blue waves, imagine a white sky, imagine a lonely guitar with emerald chords, imagine a ruby piano. Imagine seagulls gliding in the air, no effort at all, just waltzing in wind’s embrace. If there’s anything that can be said about this song is that it’s the spark that lights the fire of our imagination. Deep inside the mind, there’s a pyre made up of the thoughts that sometimes suffocate the purity of our soul. So let it burn, let unknowing innocence spread its wings, let go…