Zentriert - Pasiphae

Zentriert Ins Antlitz – Pasiphae

A mysterious buildup leads into a red-hot melodic core that fuses orchestral arrangements with powerful electronic textures. It all leads to even more mystery and evocative sonic landscapes. The audio sample used in the song is perfectly chosen, contributing to the melody’s feeling of cosmic adventure.

This one is definitely a body mover, but I prefer the “eyes-closed brain massage” part of it even more. It’s also one of the best songs I heard in 2017.

Landscape of Love

Lulu Rouge – Landscape of Love (feat. Fanney Osk)

Oh, my Music, I’m fascinated by you. Sometimes you blow my mind. This song is like a steady, patient wind that will either freeze or melt anything in its path, depending how you choose to feel it. The flawless punctuation will make sure that whatever path you take will turn into a memorable adventure. Just hit play and you’ll understand what I mean by “punctuation”.

I always had a soft spot for minimal electronica. This melody hit me straight in the headheart. In the seven months that have passed since I discovered this tune, it has not yet been dethroned as “song of 2017” and I’m “losing hope” that I’ll come across anything better. But paradoxically, I also hope I won’t.

Jem - Down To Earth

Jem – It’s Amazing

This light-hearted song is one that you can easily stumble across on some trendy radio station, but it’s the lyrics that truly make it shine. That, and the beautiful voice that carries them and which also makes the tune (stand out). The instrumental side of the song is quite good as well. There’s a good rhythm featuring deep, juicy piano drops.

I can’t say I like the intro too much. To be honest I find it a bit of a turnoff, but it is a motif of the song and I can understand why the composer put it here. But I still think it doesn’t do justice to what follows. Luckily, it’s very short and after that the song builds up to a satisfying climax.

Whenever you’re feeling a bit down, put this on right after Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy” and pick yourself up!

Black Sun Empire - Driving Insane

Black Sun Empire – Arrakis

Building demolition manual. Step 1: install beefy subwoofers around building to be demolished then, garnish everything with yet more powerful speakers. Step 2: play this song and wait until the 2:12 mark. After that, it’ll take, oh, maybe eight seconds for the building to turn into fine particulates.

Seriously though, this song’s bass is nasty. When I first heard this, it was not only love at first listen, but also jaw drop at first listen. Years later, I’m still amazed by just how much kick this thing has.

Sussan Deyhim - City Of Leaves

Sussan Deyhim – Fire Within

Ritualistic beauty springs from within this passionate work of art. The driven, solemn singing is wrapped in an almost mystical arrangement of strings and air instruments. The percussion is something to behold. One invocation after the other, the magnificent composition keeps pacing in perfect harmony with the enthralling chants.

Eyes-closed listening with good hardware comes highly recommended.

Subheim - Approach

Subheim – Howl

It takes a while for the gloomy droning to lead to any sort of melody, but it is this exact atmosphere building that dark electronica master Subheim excels at.

Ghostly female voices lead the song into its foggy blossoming. This is as much melody as it is an experiential shard of some distant, unfathomable Universe.

I’m thankful for having shared the same lifetime with artists that have managed to translate the ineffable into sound.

Digitonal - Beautiful Broken

Digitonal – Polestar

This song strikes a sublime balance between mood, diversity and calmness. There is just enough going on to make it a highly entertaining listen while in the same time keeping it a well within the threshold of something you can meditate on. This well-arranged combination of electronica and air instruments has brought to fruition a splendid mood-setter and journey song.

Baby Alpaca - Strictly Sexual

Baby Alpaca – Sea of Dreams (Turbotito Remix)

Baby Alpaca’s “Sea of Dreams” is a calm, beautiful song, which is why I linked it below as well. Turbotito’s remix is, however, more to this (dreamy) listener’s linking. The clever use of echo and resonance gives the song a different (dreamy) texture.

Both versions of the song are equally evocative and they share the same good (and dreamy) lyrics. They are both relying on lots of reverb to invoke the (dreamy) mood. It’s due to my love of electronica that I choose the remix version as title (and main feature) of this (dreamy) Weekly Song entry, even though you can find both (dreamy) songs here.