Filastine - Loot

Filastine – Hypnotico

Filastine is one of those artists whose music belongs to so many genres that it’s difficult to describe. There’s some loud & clear dubstep movements going on here, but it’s all interspersed with a blend of masterful sampling, atmospheric texturing and even international/world-music influences. What matters is that at the end, we have a wicked, groovy creation; the Universe coming at us in a menacing yet playful way. Now do the hypnodance!

Moby - Hotel

Moby – I Like It

The dance of airwaves inside our ears is one of the joys of being sensorial creatures. And this one is as sensual as songs can get. Wrap yourself in the passionate whispers of this mysterious duet. Let the suggestive guitars and synths drag you inside a den of audio pleasure.

It was very tempting to start with “I liked it, I liked it a lot”, but I think this is a better place for the predictable line.

Jens Buchert - Best Of

Jens Buchert – The Vortex

Prepare to sink in, to take off, to slow down towards a climax speeding straight at your heart. The molten rock core vibe carries an angel’s voice. Wavy planes of sound spiral around the thumping bass pillar while playful happenings wander here and there. The storm of butterflies dances to the magical flutes. Shine your consciousness within this vibrating cathedral.

It’s one of those songs that made me contact the artist and thank him for creating such music; a short celebration of life, of thankfulness towards being able to perceive and appreciate art. And a winner of my Song of the Year prize!

Mike Love - The Change I'm Seeking

Mike Love – Permanent Holiday

It’s amazingly sad that such music and such lyrics hardly make an impact on the hyper-consumerist society. This song speaks lengths about our world (especially for those in the Western and Anglo-Saxon sphere of influence). You can read the lyrics below but as another singer has said: “you don’t need eyes to see, you need vision” (Faithless).

Regardless of the message, this is a fun song to listen to. It’s diverse, both vocally and instrumentally. It’s full of intent and positive energy. It’s a good soundtrack for the first minutes of the holiday or for a gloomy day at work.

Delerium - Mythologie

Delerium – The Seven Gates Of Thebes

Apparently the (more famous) Egyptian Thebes is known as “Thebes of the Hundred Gates” whereas the “Thebes of the Seven Gates” is located in Greece. As far as I’m concerned, Delerium could have picked any ancient city as title for this song.

Despite the fact that this melody is a contemporary electronica ambient creation, the deep, thoroughly grounded bass, the mysterious choirs and the ghosty piano manage to conjure an aura of ancient knowledge. There are music warlocks at work here. Let yourself be carried away within their spell.

Pink Floyd - The Division Bell

Pink Floyd – High Hopes

A solemn and immortal song that can be a catalyst for hope or a one way ticket to melancholy. There is innocence and wisdom here, shining from within the amazing musical craftsmanship. The melody is both delicate and monolithic, vulnerable and unstoppable. Word for word and echo for echo, a choice waits in perfect balance.

The song’s message is all the more meaningful as this was to be Pink Floyd’s last song for a long time. It’s the final track of their last album, The Division Bell. Even though in 2014 the band came back with The Endless River, that album is comprised of mostly recycled material so I think of The Division Bell as their last proper album.

Like with the other Pink Floyd songs I’ve featured, I am tempted to write more. Unlike other times, I’ll break under the temptation and say that this song has brought me to tears more than once – and for the most part, those were tears of joy.

Ugress - Unicorn

Ugress – Harakiri Martini

Careful, this one gets straight to business! And that’s just fine, because Ugress has a lot of work to do in the space of less than three minutes. It’s a funky sound pill that you can easily squeeze into the ear between two interruptions at work. The video Ugress attached to the song is as excellent as it can be for such a playful song. I’m not sure if it makes me want to dance or play. Is there a difference?