Terry Oldfield - Dancer In The Void

Terry Oldfield – Dancer In The Void

Listening to this song with my eyes closed is like traveling to another world. This is one of those rare gems that are good any time of the day and anywhere in this Universe. You can find it, and other like it, on Terry Oldfield’s “Journey Into Space”, an album released in 2012. Terry is the brother of Mike Oldfield, another great musician, author of the famous “Tubular Bells”.

Arbre Noir - Roam

Arbre Noir – Roam

Didgeridoo? Yes please! “Roam” is a cool psybient song which works great for creating an atmospheric mood. Arbre Noir sure know how to orchestrate their music because this melody ebbs and rises in a beautiful celebration of sound and pattern. The didgeridoo is very well integrated into the music and enriches it through the tribal dimension it adds.

Geomatic - Beyond the Beginning

Geomatic – Beyond the Beginning

Of a haunting beauty, Geomatic’s “Beyond the Beginning” manages to capture with amazing mastery the ineffable notion of something that doesn’t yet exist. The atmosphere and construction of this song make me think at exactly that: something beyond the beginning – a place where life and death are just two sides on a multidimensional dice. Nothing exists, yet everything does – the singularity of thought.