Dead Can Dance - Labyrinth

Dead Can Dance – Spirit

Even before giving the lyrics a thought, this song felt like a statement of some sort. A constant and solemn bass finds an equal partner in the subdued percussion. Then, luminous chords accompany Brendan’s evocative voice while delivering his homage to life.

This is what I consider a well-written song. It’s a space where both music and lyrics accompany each other in perfect harmony. That is not to say that songs without lyrics have it easier: they must accompany music with… other music.

Filastine - Loot

Filastine – Hypnotico

Filastine is one of those artists whose music belongs to so many genres that it’s difficult to describe. There’s some loud & clear dubstep movements going on here, but it’s all interspersed with a blend of masterful sampling, atmospheric texturing and even international/world-music influences. What matters is that at the end, we have a wicked, groovy creation; the Universe coming at us in a menacing yet playful way. Now do the hypnodance!

Essence Of The Forest

Deep Forest – Will You Be Ready

Deep Forest is known for its interesting blend of electronic music and folk elements from around the world. This song, however, is a departure of sorts from the usual ethnic electronica. There’s a rock feel to it, but only enough to make it stand out.

To be sure, Deep Forest has been true to its style and the melody takes the listener through a fascinating array of interwoven arrangements. Through it all shines her beautiful voice, imparting mysterious words, challenging the mind.

Dead Can Dance - Anastasis

Dead Can Dance – Children Of The Sun

There’s solemnity here. There’s positivity. There’s a statement of brotherhood, sisterhood and belongness to a greater something. Organized religion is merely the system that has been developed by humans in order to control and exploit this feeling that we all have inside. Even if it is “just” the Universe we belong to, it is still a feeling of being part of something. We are, truly, children of the Sun, for without the atomic lovemaking called fusion, we wouldn’t exist.

Beautiful music, powerful voice, meaningful message, what more can we ask for? Perhaps more than four minutes of it? You got it! This one will keep your eardrums satisfied for 457 seconds. Enjoy.