Argatu - Culese Din Cartier

Argatu – Asta-i Hora-n Falticeni

High-pitched flutes and other traditional instruments are chained with a bassline and pounded by synth-drums. Ethnotronic is a genre that fuses ethnic vibes with electronic influences. In this case, the ethnic ingredients come from Romania, a country in Eastern Europe (where I happen to have been born). A “hora” is a traditional dance and Falticeni is a city in Romania, located in the historical region of Moldavia.

Azam Ali - Elysium For The Brave

Azam Ali – In Other Worlds

A dreamy, ritualistic creation that will transport awareness far and off on the wings of the beautiful, evocative voice wielding the keys to the portals of our imagination. Such Journey Songs are a testament to the power of sound.

Besides the excellent production values featured in this tune, I stand in awe at the magnificent fusion between electronic instruments and traditional ones. I was, am and will always be overjoyed by the way technology has increased the sound range that artists can use. Unlike others, artists can be trusted to use technology responsibly and respectfully.

Sussan Deyhim - City Of Leaves

Sussan Deyhim – Fire Within

Ritualistic beauty springs from within this passionate work of art. The driven, solemn singing is wrapped in an almost mystical arrangement of strings and air instruments. The percussion is something to behold. One invocation after the other, the magnificent composition keeps pacing in perfect harmony with the enthralling chants.

Eyes-closed listening with good hardware comes highly recommended.

Isihia -Transfiguration

Isihia – Transfiguration

Ghosts of clouds are dancing upon the endless plains of eternity. A silky mist envelops seven silhouettes as they walk up to an old wooden stage. There, one picks up a guitar, another picks up a flute, another picks up a strange cylinder filled with grains of sand that have been hand-picked from the countless imaginary worlds that these pilgrims have been through. Allow them to explore your world and observe what the evocative chanting stirs up.