Alex Smoke - Incommunicado

Alex Smoke – 6am

Here’s some flowing, groovy electronica to put some spring into any late evening, work assignment or workout. Alex Smoke wastes no time during these 6 minutes of solid musical craftsmanship. The simple acoustic guitar that shows up and intertwines with the rhythm really adds to the melody. What more can be said? Nothing more needs to be said. Just sit back and enjoy the vibration.

Iamamiwhoami - Sever

Iamamiwhoami – Sever

This song starts off as a rather slow, melancholic piece. Her voice comes from far away, carried by ghostly choirs. Together with the careful composer, she’ll enthrall us so that we don’t even realize when we’re led towards the energetic end. And then she leaves again to… far away.

With its cryptic lyrics, I feared the day I have to review this song because it’s a bit… strange. It also comes with a pretty strange video too. But alas, it’s a beautiful piece of art so I just had to feature it.

Digitonal - Beautiful Broken

Digitonal – Anaethmatics

Playfulness is this melody. It tip-toes around our ears, unfolding its airy rhythms and, after a minute or so, it starts its joyful dance. Like any good play, it doesn’t overstay its welcome – it just grabs attention and leaves its echo in our memory. The song comes from the album “Beautiful Broken”. I can certainly testify towards the beauty of the composition. Don’t know about the “broken” part.

Dead Can Dance - Anastasis

Dead Can Dance – Children Of The Sun

There’s solemnity here. There’s positivity. There’s a statement of brotherhood, sisterhood and belongness to a greater something. Organized religion is merely the system that has been developed by humans in order to control and exploit this feeling that we all have inside. Even if it is “just” the Universe we belong to, it is still a feeling of being part of something. We are, truly, children of the Sun, for without the atomic lovemaking called fusion, we wouldn’t exist.

Beautiful music, powerful voice, meaningful message, what more can we ask for? Perhaps more than four minutes of it? You got it! This one will keep your eardrums satisfied for 457 seconds. Enjoy.

Balligomingo - Beneath The Surface

Balligomingo – Lust

Every now and then, the perfect voice, lyrics and music meet. The way singer Beverley Staunton flows through the words is truly something to behold – powerful, ecstatic, driven. This song is as sensual and uplifting as they come. Of course, what is sensual for someone is a turnoff for someone else, but I believe we can agree that there’s a powerful voice and some beautiful lyrics here.

Bob Moses - All In All

Bob Moses – Far From The Tree

It ramps up slowly but determinedly, marching forward with a solid thumping bass that can turn subwoofers to weapons. Then the voices start, rising in beautiful monotony and leading up to the few lyrics that are sung. The melody features an interesting mix between the underlying scattered beat and a carefully put together accompaniment for the singer.

This song reminds me of a saying in Romanian: “the splinter won’t fall far from the tree”. It is usually said when children follow in the footsteps of parents. However, I think many of us do fall quite far from the tree…

All India Radio - Echo Other

All India Radio – Four Three

Dreamy yet action-packed, this song showcases a beautiful combination of instruments. Distorted percussion, guitars, violins, they all play their part in leading up to her voice. The way she’s introduced to the listener is beautiful and serves as a cornerstone for the entire composition. If it wasn’t for the few words she speaks, this would’ve been just a good rock song. Like this, it’s a colorful musical journey.

Clubroot - Clubroot

Clubroot – Low Pressure Zone

It’s lovely when an artist manages to somehow combine sound and words, without actually uttering the words. In this case, the song really acts like the title says: “low pressure zone”. This is some seriously low pressure vibe here, as in solid, badassbass (that was not a typo). Of course, there’s much more than the bass. More specifically, the mysterious, all-encompassing floating clouds of sound, punctuated by the lonely, determined keyboard touch. It was love at first listen.