Clawfinger - Use Your Brain

This song is looking for trouble from the first second. If all of the world’s human inhabitants would understand the meaning of (and history behind) these lyrics, then politics as we know it would immediately cease to exist. If that would be good or bad, we’ll probably never know, because this song is history and mainstream media is not preoccupied with educating the population about the horrors committed by their leaders behind closed doors (guess who controls the media?).

And that’s why Clawfinger’s message must be delivered alongside a bunch of angry guitars! Power to the one who doesn’t want it!

“You’re politically correct no matter what you say
convincing us all in every single kind of way
cos you frame the words so that we really believe
that there’s a depth in the message that you’re trying to achieve
so you twist your tongue to make it all sound true
making us believe that we haven’t got a clue
you tell us all exactly what you think we want to hear
with theatrical tactics to boost your career
every promise you make is just a promise you break
and you can never admit that you could make a mistake
because you say one thing and you mean something else
you only care about yourself and your wealth
so all i say is
power to the one who doesn’t want it!
do you want it? why do you want it?

with your military mind you were born a leader
and discipline and order is an everyday procedure
so bring out the man in every innocent boy
and teach them how to kill so they can search and destroy
to protect and to serve and die with honour and pride
you say you’re fighting for peace but that’s the biggest lie
you’re preparing for war and your martial law
but you don’t know what it’s for anymore
so all i say is
power to the one who doesn’t want it!

power is a sickness power is to blame
power is a weapon and it’s driving me insane
power is an enemy
power is pain
power is a war but to you it’s just a game
power is glory
power is gold
power is chaos and you’re out of control
power isn’t freedom
power is a cage
power is your sin and it feeds my rage
power to the one who doesn’t want it!”

Clawfinger is one of the most socially-aware music acts in the world. The group’s lyrics are firmly rooted in the sad realities of the late 20th and early 21st century when social decay at the hands of corporations and corrupt governments caused an immense amount of grief and social trauma.

Unfortunately, I can’t find any way of purchasing the album digitally from any ethical shop (such as BandCamp).

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    What do you mean by ethical in this case? DRM free? I’ve bought some stuff from Qobuz that I’m satisfied with (i.e., I’d go there again) and they also sell Clawfinger’s stuff. That includes Save Our Souls for € 2.50, which I don’t actually own yet.

    PS Power (or probably Clawfinger in general) doesn’t sound too great on my laptop speakers. That stuff definitely needs the actual sound system or headphones. 😉

    • Reply

      Wow, didn’t know about that website. But… since it’s not global, I will not link it officially.

      Are you based in Sweden?
      Qobuz is not available for your country. Leave your email address and we will keep you updated of any progress

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